When Nature Gives you Persimmons

When Nature Gives you Persimmons

1 year ago

Since I live in Japan, persimmons have become one of these fruits I look forward to each Autumn. Growing on bare trees, this bright orange Fall fruits brighten up the countryside during the cold season like confetti.

There are too many to eat in one go, so apart of eating them fresh, making jam or chutney, it’s very common to dry them. This method is called ‘hoshigaki’ in Japanese.

Since I picked up a huge bag full of ripe persimmon at the farmers market it Hasami, Kyushu, I decided to dry them to enjoy them later as snack or dessert.

Like almost everything I do in the kitchen, this is easy for everyone to try out at least once.


  • Simply peel the fruit
  • string them from their stem
  • hang them in a dry place outside
  • massage them gently once a week so to evenly distribute the sugar in the fruit
  • they dry within 3-4 weeks
  • store in an air tight glass container
  • they will darken, shrivel and taste jammy, a bit like dates.




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