What’s on your Xmas wish list?

What’s on your Xmas wish list?

2 months ago

With Christmas on our doorsteps…so is shopping for gifts starting to take space in our mind. What to give to whom. Asking for wishlists. Seeing the gift offers popping up here and there and starting to be influenced by the marketing campaigns of ‘warm and cozy’ and ‘once in a year’ spilling it out for the loved ones options.

My question is, what will you put under the tree, or in the stockings this year. We have been informed, updated, re-informed, alarmed by the dreadful condition our world is in. There is no way ignoring it. It’s happening all over the place. Rising ocean, unbearably hot summers, sudden gushes of rain, landslides, swimming among plastic, fishing in empty lakes…Seriously there is no looking the other way anymore.

So, what will you put under your tree this year?

What will you give to the people you love? For the kids you are supporting in their studies, in the future. What companies will you support that support your kids future also? Who will do anything in their power to assure, that the grass will be green, the forests full of live, the fields full of herbs, the bees, the fish, the water clean, the air clear…

We spend our days clicking like on social media, signing petition agains animal cruelty, being gobsmacked by the state of the Beijing air, hearing about child labor in fast fashion and cocoa production, knowing about the reality of cattle farming, learning about toxins in our daily products.

It only takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb anything we put on it. It goes for face creams, bath bombs, sun lotion, make up, lipstick, body lotions to washing liquids, detergents, formaldehyde in clothing (imagine undies!), to the bleach in tampons and more.

We take a second to think about this when our kids are totts and put literally everything in their mouth and make sure that the teething toys are toxic free, the washing powder is for sensitive skin, the food is pesticide free, breastmilk is alcohol free etc (at least I hope all parents think about this). But what about later in life?

I believe that we are victims of marketing fraud and that with all the knowledge we all have now, we have the power to change. We have the power to support the companies aligned with our principles. Support the makers that care for you and your kids future as much as you do. So with the choices we make, actions take place now, sign petitions and live by them. It’s as empowering as it sounds!

It only takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb anything we put on it.

So, what will you put under the Christmas tree this year?

I was thinking of listing companies who do a lot of harm to us, the environment and the wildlife, but not wanting to waste any more time on them, I prefer to share ressources of brands I trust with direct links to shops and articles. It was hard to make a selection because there are so many brands Id like to recommend. If you have questions or are looking for something particular contact me any time. If I can, Ill help.

for the fashion conscious

Artesano – Claudia the founder is not only a woman you want to have as your bff, she is also a woman who thinks about design, community and environment under one cap. I love her baskets, not only for summer beach visits but also for all year market hauls and use them as decorative items in my living room.

Archi – Although not organic, Sae’s fashion label is not mass produced. I love her style. It’s modern bobo and easy to wear daily. I love her Winter sweaters that remind me of my childhood where we would go on long forest walks to collect chestnuts to cook over the open fire place. All we would wear were thick sweaters with jeans. I love her summer wear which is light, making Japanese summers slightly more bearable without having to reveal too much skin. I like the discretion of her style and believe in supporting independent brands.

Veja – I used to buy Veja for my kids online shop ages ago because I was looking for brands that met style with sustainability. Not an easy task to do over 10 years ago. This brand is still standing strong. Using leather and rubber from sustainable farms, sustainable plantations. With a team that includes fair trade wages of farmers and makers all the way through. Now the decision is who in the family gets a pair of these cause they are totally unisex.

Underprotection – what touches our skin…sustainable lingerie on spot: organic, recycled, eco friendly, fair trade. Comfort assured as much as romance. I love brands who combine principles and style. We all want to look good, even under there. Id say even more so under neath. When ever I run low on self esteem, I chose to wear something really nice and it starts with undies. It perks me up more than lipstick ever will. A gift to self?

for the beauty conscious

RMS – a leader in the natural make up industry, Rose-Marie Swift created her brand when she realised that as a professional make up artist she was getting sick of the exposure of the toxins within the brands she was applying in her job. Imagine! Sustainable inside and outside with compostable, reusable packaging. Thinking useful stocking fillers for the girls in the gang.

Isas Skincare – I carry a few of her products in my little e-shop because I know that she makes them all by hand herself. I know that she sources the cleanest sustainable ingredients. I know that she cares about the quality as much as for the after effect of her beauty potions. I bath in her body oil especially during the Winter dryness.

De Mamiel – she created her line of natural skincare because she had to look for clean alternatives for health reasons. Studying Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and leading a healthy lifestyle, she created De Mamiel which gives us busy Ladies luxury feelings of care during our daily routines we do on automat! What’s to like?

G-day by Goop – GP is by all means the leader of the well-being girl gang. Combining style with an ease of conscious awareness, offering ressources that we all want to know about but are so hard to put our hands on in a media driven by advertisement.  Her beauty products are up to date with what we want to use, how we want to feel and as efficient as fast, perfectly adapted to our busy lifestyle. I swear by the scrub. Rids dead skin cells, revives the blood flow, softens the skin, soothes the soul with the fresh scent. A feel good potion in a jar!

for the decor conscious

Vitruvi – no home is a home without at least one essential oil diffuser from Vitruvi. I mean it. It is as useful when you are feeling under the weather, when the air needs a refresh, when you put on your sexy pants or when your kids cant sleep at night as it is a beautiful piece of (very useful) art to enjoy in your home. Created by a young entrepreneur who cares.

Aiayu – natural organic materials, a Danish brand for home wear, city wear and home goods that is eco conscious, zero waste when possible and timeless in style. The throws are a must for me for movie nights, late night reading sessions and in the mornings over my shoulders while making tea in the dark cold days. Winter ahoy!

Cisco and the Sun – her table ware line looks just like the name sounds. Fresh, timeless. An entirely hand made line Cisco produces locally in her adopted home place, Bali. With every purchase we support the makers and with every purchase we get a little bit of the island of the Gods into our home. Good vibes!

Aerende – Emily has put together a collection of hand made goods and a linen line that is just gorgeous and simple. She supports local, she supports women in need, she collaborates. An easy way to support communities by shopping in her Aerende and share lovely goods with friends that are timeless keepers.

for the after festivities conscious

Young Living – the only cleaning product I use is the concentrate deliciously fresh and spicy smelling Thieves from Young Living. Mixed with water in various proportions it serves as all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, wood polish and more. Totally efficient and totally toxic free which is great for the cleaner (me) and for the water (no toxins down my drain). YL grow the seeds and bottle their essential oils they use for all their product line. They support local community in jobs and education and in preservation of the land. A sustainable respectable company.

Here’s to supporting the future generation of conscious consumers.

As most of these brands are created by women, maybe the world just needs more women because we kind of juggle a million things in one go because we have to and because we can. So support your girl gang as well as the innovative, passionate, the creative, the game changers who go out of their way to bring us what we need in our modern day society of conscious consumers.

We dont have to shop to proof our love. What remains is how we make the people we love feel. What remains are the memories collected.

Love, Abi x

PS: My daughter has been asking to sponsor dolphin and shark sanctuaries as well as sponsor her science trip to Borneo next year where she will collect data for the preservation of the land and sea life as a gift. I will follow her lead, as well as gift her some books. The more we read, the more we know. If you feel it add to deforestation than try kindle (however clicking is also polluting but that’s another story). 




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