What if we took things ‘Bird by Bird’

What if we took things ‘Bird by Bird’

5 months ago

Inspired by the speech by Anne Lamott I bought her book. The main point of her speech for me was when her father helped her brother out tackling a stressful exam. We all get overwhelmed at times (or more) and taking things ‘bird by bird’, step by step, is the way to go: for focus, for calmness and best achievement.

I like to think that we can all use this advice in so many ways in daily situations. With the alarming environmental issues there is one thing that helps me keep hope for what our future on earth looks like. Its that we people have the power to change. We can take tasks ‘bird by bird’ to make this place a better, healthier place.

Environmental issues are complex. They are linked to a whole system. Unfortunately this system is not turning out to be in our favour, We only have one place to live so change has to be taken into action, by each and every individual. We have the power as much as we have the responsibility. Our actions have consequences. Without finger pointing and listing the topics, Id like to suggest to take things ‘ bird by bird’ by every one of us: reduce, reuse, refuse plastic bags, use toxic free cleaning products at home (and on your body). buy vegan animal cruelty free make up, bring your eco bag to the local grocer, go to the local grocer rather than the super market, live plastic free (that toothbrush is not bio degradable!), order directly from the farmer, wash full loads only and use the sun to dry when possible, style yourself in your unique ‘uniform’, a lot of clothes create clutter in our wardrobes and no one happier in sweatshops…

If the list seems overwhelming its because its hard to change habits, its hard to find alternatives sometimes and we don’t always have the time to go the extra step.

This is why I was dreaming to have things easier for the consumers we are to reach the places and products that can make a difference to the world. Imagine consuming with consciousness?I was lucky enough to present my project at a TED talk in Tokyo. Thank you Patrick Newell for believing in me and giving me this opportunity, so out of my comfort zone. Nervous as hell, wondering what the heck I was doing there among all these super people who had their talks based on statistics and well thought through business plans. My talk was about “My Organic City” (#myorganictokyo).This might be one of my projects which didn’t turn out (yet). However I am still hoping that some girl boss out there will make it happen, for the better or the worse, to help us all find mindful , guilt free means to consumption.

Imagine consuming with consciousness?

It is based on principles I like to live by. Not always easy to follow a clean healthy life, especially when you like to socialise, travel and love fashion. However, when something runs out in my home, I try to replace it with something better, cleaner, or new from a small company or a friend. There are so many new brands and products available now, online made the world smaller, and entrepreneurship spread its wings.

When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.

I use the word organic, in a natural way. Organic for me is what comes, or should come naturally. Like sustainability, eating healthily (on most days), supporting local or independent businesses, using wholesome products that do us good, as well as keep the environment clean. Organic should not be a label, as it should be accessible to anyone. It’s what comes to you organically? My Organic City is what comes to me like this.

Best is to watch it here (and don’t judge my babbling too harshly) : A platform to make it easier for conscious consumers to find places, products and resources all over the world that are organic, healthy, supporting the local community, toxic free or less toxic and exciting.

Presenting a project based on dreams is not easy. However, I believe in people and I believe that there are many like minded folks out there, from many walks of the world. People who want to make a difference, no matter how little it is, to make this world a little less toxic, a little less Monopoly based and a little more mindful. Creating a platform where everyone can find and share their personal sustainably conscious favourites is life made easy.

Taking one step at a time, I’ve put together a little guide to my all time favourite breakfast places in Tokyo. Please note that things change fast here, so check the place is still open before you head there. To get my mini guide, I invite you to sign up to my newsletter.  Mail coming your way shortly. Wishing you a nice day.




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