Urban Gardening with Rootpouch

Urban Gardening with Rootpouch

1 year ago

I have been thinking on how to share my new obsession with you. My passion for gardening literally grew on me these past months. For this I’dd like to thank several people.

My partner, for giving me a home where I feel I can touch the sky. Jon, my gardening workshop team mate, for sharing his tips and experiences with me and our guests. Yusei, for reaching out to me all the way from Southern Japan to bring me his hand made gorgeous gardening containers and get me started. Kazunori for teaching me all about the life of soil. Bon, for letting me order the most sustainable planters available.

What amazes me each time I garden, is how good it feels! It is seriously the best therapeutic thing you could do. Being totally present at the moment, with an effect long after. I never thought of gardening as being a holistic wellbeing activity until now. It’s great for your Mind, your Body, and your Soul.

Did you know that gardening is good for all these things?

  • Stress-relief and self-esteem boost.
  • Improves heart health and stroke risk. 
  • Keeps your mind sharp. Reduces brain health and Alzheimer’s risk.
  • Is an immune regulator.
  • Makes you happy, blues away, a natural anti-depressant
  • Sleep enhancer. A day or a few hours out doing this physical activity and you zzzz.

After a long break due to bad weather, some traveling and a lot of unforeseen Mom-life events, I spent last Sunday on my rooftop to care for these plants giving me so much beauty, joy and yummy ingredients for the table. Some I said goodbye to to welcome new ones, some are just pretty and some are my orphaned ones I shelter, feeling like doing a good due (don’t ask).

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

The other good thing about gardening is that there are no mistakes, only experiences. So if you are like me, and only just put your imaginary skill to work, it’s ok to fail sometimes. Just keep going, ask a friend, google and follow blogs where people share their expertise. Gardeners are a bit like Chefs, they love sharing what they do. A rare generosity that comes without ties and free of charge.

I would suggest you follow simple steps:

  • Start with the things you love. Determine if you like to grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit or if you like to have a mini forest on your urban green space.
  • Get good quality soil and fertilizer. If you remember that we are what we eat. Well this is where is all begins. GMO free seeds, organic soil and fertilizer, non toxic planters….The better quality, the better the outcome.
  • Check the season and grow the seeds separate until the sprouts are strong enough the real planters. A good way to learn what grows when is to go by your local flower shop or garden centre and see what they are selling. It will be what is in season. A good lead.
  • Make it a place of joy. Get nice looking planters, connect the hose to the water pipe for easy care, get yourself a chair for downtime among your new tribe. Cherish moments outside so its not just all about work.
  • Join gardening lessons. If you are in Tokyo, you are more than welcome to tag along to my urban gardening events. You will get all the best information first handedly from a professional, as well as exchange experiences with the other greenthumbs. Sharing is half learning. The community is a great way to learn and will also lead to dealing herbs (lol, exchange seeds, exchange extra seedlings and cut offs that will grow into a single standing plant).

Fascinated by this brand, I’d like to take this moment to introduce Rootpouch properly. It’s a family run business that turns discarded plastic bottles into versatile geotextile material. How amazing is this? The root pouch fabric planting container keeps plants healthy by letting excess water drain and allowing the roots to breath and grow. Using the 21st century technology to produce these horticulture growing pots/bags.

Today, Root Pouch offers a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials. Not one drop of new oil, petroleum or fossil fuel is used in their creation. The product line includes plant pots, vertical garden pouches, and erosion & sand bags. Vertical garden pouches are made from a non degradable material, while plant pots and erosion bags are offered in both, a non degradable material as well as a range of fabrics with different degradation schedules—anywhere from 15 months to six years and everything in between.

Rootpouch, I am your fan!


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