Urban Gardening in Tokyo

Urban Gardening in Tokyo

2 years ago

Since we moved into our new family home in Tokyo, where we have re-gained space, a room for everyone in a quiet yet central neighborhood (our old neighborhood in fact lol), and have the luxury of owning a vast rooftop from where we can see the floodlit towers of downtown Tokyo by night, the sun setting behind the mountains and on dry days even a glimpse of Mt Fuji itself.

In my life I have had happiness and struggles, and I wont complain. I made mistakes, I chose challenges, I invested time and love and with all the experience gained, the wisdom acquired, I finally feel gratitude deep within me, especially when good things come our way.

Feeling blessed, I had this amazing encounter with a young couple designing gardening planters, living in Kyushu, the Southern Island of Japan, founders of Soilsquare.

I am honored to have these on my Tokyo rooftop now. An inauguration to a new home, a new challenge, my venture to learn about gardening, a place to share knowledge.

Learning about gardening is something dear to me for several reasons. One of which is the safety of our food. I like to know where my grocery is from, if they were grown from GMO modified seeds, if there were pesticides used. The other is my mission as a responsible parent, to teach my children to cherish food. What better way to do this than to grown your own, from seeds to seedlings to vegetables or fruits. Knowing the hard work that goes into it and learning to be patient are essential to growing up, responsibly. A great hands on, useful educational skill. Lastly and simply, because it is FUN to grow your own and to have flowers bloom in your very own home. No matter how big the space is, it’s so gratifying and grounding for the soul.

Although I grew up with a huge garden, where we had lots of different fruit trees, and an abundant vegetable garden, I have little experience on gardening on my own. I remember following my Mum to the garden centers and getting lost between the lush green beauty of it all. I also used to say that I would work with flowers and plants. Maybe this new home can be my very own homeschooling to gardening. I’m excited about this and will share lots of it with anyone willing to listen (read) about my #growyourown #organic gardening ventures.

The soil from Soilgold is from the Kanto area, Akadamo soil. It contains micro-organisims. All components are carefully sourced and mixed by hand so not to break the natural shapes, the pebbles and allow air to remain in the blend for oxygen and the life of these micro-organisms. The fertilizers from Bio Soil can be sprinkled above the earth or mixed within the soil. Unlike conventional fertilizers, these natural ones won’t damage the roots of the tree or plants, it will nourish them.

My rooftop is ready for more greens and ready for me to host my personal workshops all about slow living: urban garden, green beauty, wellness and gratitude.

Grow your own.

For more information, please message me, or contact Soilsquare and Biogoil directly mentioning my name.



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