Tokyo greenthumbs

Tokyo greenthumbs

3 years ago

Lets get our hands dirty! My kids love digging into mud. Hands on experiences give them a sense of satisfaction. And then it’s all about team work and family life. Once these seeds are laying in moist dirt, there is a magic sensation when they start to sprout.

We don’t have much space,  but we make the best of it. Lately we had little visitors with feathers….these cute birds thought it was their treat to eat our mini tomatoes straight from the branches! The next ones we are planting indoors. Ikea have this amazing mini ‘winter garden’ that makes growing herbs and more in the city easy and keeps your home decor looking tidy.

Since we try to avoid chemicals in our lifes, we made a natural bug repellent made of baking soda , white wine vinegar and water. It’s all part of the learning process, experimenting with new things and seeing if they work. Having been brought up in Switzerland, the climate is very different to here, so are the bugs. I just have to learn new ways to get the best results on our little balcony in Tokyo.

We love this, no matter what comes out of it. Just having fun!

We also love the way Nicolai Bergmann presented these delicate field flowers. Total interior decor inspo kick!

We have some of these inspirations on our instagram – 


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