The Ultimate Luxury Eco Resort Soneva Fushi


The Ultimate Luxury Eco Resort Soneva Fushi

1 year ago

As you know me, I love to travel. I like to live mindfully, at home as well as on my trips. This is one reason I was over the moon when I got invited to discover the ultimate eco-luxury resorts in the Maldives SONEVA FUSHI by founders of the Six Senses resorts, Eva and Sonu. A lovely couple who knew that the future was green years ago!

We first landed in Soneva Fushi, where straight away you get into their motto:

no shoes, no news

Taking ourselves out of the hustle and bustle of city life, away from routine, advertisement bombardments, away from shopping malls, cars and daily errands.

Soneva Fushi, the Maldives’ original desert island hideaway, is located in the stunning Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. A Robinson Crusoe-style luxury private residences hidden among the tropical foliage. All open to a own open stretch of sugar white sand next to the private swimming pool. Excellent service by Mr/Ms Friday butlers who know what you want before you want it.

Everything on Soneva is ethically made, reducing any kind of avoidable pollution, reusing waste, up-cycled into profitable, non toxic, mindful products. Creating electricity through solar panels. Using coconut for food and energy. Recycling waste into bricks. Promoting eco-life in harmony with luxuries of the 21st century. Zero waste and upcycled. It is a dream island for it’s ethics and it’s vibes. A green Eden to wind down, relax, reflect, and go home inspired to life more ecologically.

Every villa is carefully laid out to serve the purpose of ones stay on such a remote island as Soneva Fushi. Privacy and calm, surrounded by abundance of tropical nature. Ecologically built with interiors made of natural fibers, lending an earthy warm feeling together with style. The means of transportation on the island are bicycles bringing back memories of childhood bike races.

The resort is almost self sustainable. Growing their own food, the vegetable and herb garden is a dream to a green-thumb like me. The lunch our hosts organised in the green was an interesting discovery of Maldivian vegan ayurvedic cuisine. Home grown, juicy fruit are ready to be picked off the trees. It’s no place for a diet. Everything is a delight as well as their chocolate room unforgettably filled with the best and prettiest chocolate sculptures even Charlie in the chocolate factory can only dream of.

While snorkeling though the clear blue sea, you can discover the gorgeous life of the ocean. A marvelous spectacle for someone like me, who has not yet been to the Great Barrier Reefs (on my bucket list). The Maldives has suffered tremendous damage to the ecosystem through over fishing, polluting through waste and sun lotions, the rise of the ocean temperatures.

Spending time at Soneva Fushi was a treat and an eye opener to what we need to preserve. Everything we do, everything we purchase has an impact on the environment, if not in your home surroundings, but far away, that will sooner or later be linked to your home, your health, your life. It’s not all gloom, with all the fantastic people who think alike creating mindful brands in beauty fashion and lifestyle, it’s easy to lead a luxurious happy life while being mindful.


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