The Secret to a Fulfilling Sex Life

The Secret to a Fulfilling Sex Life

10 months ago

The center of pleasure, located in the brain, is influenced by many factors including emotional state, stress and the choice of our food. Some foods have a harmful effect on the general health and libido. Saturated fats, refined sugars and flour are to be avoided; other foods, beneficial to the general and sexual balance, are preferred.

A healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fresh fruit, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, indeed promotes the microcirculation of blood, an essential condition for the proper functioning of the sexual sphere, so delicate and responsive.

Similarly overweight and fat accumulation in the body causes a chronic silent inflammation that inhibits sex hormones and promotes nervous system depression.

Oysters, chocolate, apples, ginger have an influence on the libido?

The answer is yes because these foods have elements favorable to sexual well-being. The apple fruit of the sin between Adam and Eve, has, in its skin, the precious bioflavonoids with multiple beneficial effects anti-stress. Chocolate, in addition to the pleasure of taste, contains stimulants of the neuro-vegetative system (caffeine stimulating effects of the sympathetic system, phenylethylamine promoting the secretion of euphoric endorphins) stimulating both erectile and orgasmic functions. Oysters are rich in vitamin E, zinc, and other essential trace elements. Finally, ginger is a powerful tonic with its aromatic components.

Adaptogenic plants

Certain plants, having an effect on the sympathetic nervous system, the mental and the physical, named adaptogenic plants, de-stress and condition us. Others have an activating action of the local microcirculation. Aphrodisiacs are plants that improve the quality of sex life. We must distinguish the exciting plants (whose effect is attributed to the alkaloid substances they contain and which are not devoid of side effects) tonic plants balancing or adaptogenic that can find the right balance of sex life.

What are their effects?

  • They provide a favorable relaxation for erection in men, conducive to love in women.
  • They sharpen sensations by exciting the nervous system in general.
  • They arouse desire: they are those that have a hormon-like action and that act on the part of the brain called limbic brain.
  • They provoke vasodilation which favors lubrication of the genitals in women and erection in men: they are relaxing and anti-stress (adaptogens, circulatory tonic).
  • The ones that excite, by irritation, the mucous membranes are to proscribe.

The Indian and Chinese pharmacopoeias offer many so-called “adaptogenic” plants: by their richness in active compounds, they aim at restoring the balance of the organism.

The famous aphrodisiac plants

These plants, traditionally recognized as aphrodisiacs on the five continents, have as common point to act on the psyche by various molecules: alkaloids, aromatic molecules and plant hormones. I do not advise alkaloid plants whose side effects are often deleterious (endotoxic effects, addiction). On the other hand, those which rebalance the nervous system, reduce the state of stress, can be tried without inconveniences. In Asia, we can mention ginseng, schisandra, whitania. In Amazonia, adaptogenic plants known for their aphrodisiac properties are: Pfaffia paniculata, Muirapuama, Catuaba, to name only the best known. In the Caribbean it is the bandaged wood which is in the spotlight.

In Africa, Europe and North America, a dozen plants are famous aphrodisiacs, as well as a hundred tonic or exciting plants. All these plants traditionally recognized as aphrodisiacs on the five continents have as common point to act on the psyche by various molecules: alkaloids, aromatic molecules and plant hormones. Plants that possess vascular tonic virtues containing certain flavonoids also seem to have aphrodisiac properties by activation of the local microcirculation: gingko biloba, red vine, chrysantellum … Phyto-hormone plants should be advised appropriately by a knowledgeable practitioner.

Effective and safe plants: ginger, pfaffia, cocoa.

Suggested marine aphrodisiac foods: oysters, sea urchins …

And to complete your program of blooming your libido, get in the habit of practicing in preliminary a sensual massage of reflex and erogenous zones based on organic vegetable oil enriched with specific essential oils (lavender, ginger, petitgrain bigarade, rosemary , ylang-ylang …), depending on your feelings to de-stress you, put you in condition, and act by increasing the sensitivity of the corresponding organs.

Formula: 2 to 3 drops of one or the other of the HE or in mixture, diluted to 10% in an organic vegetable oil.

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