my recommendations on how to enjoy autumn

my recommendations on how to enjoy autumn

5 years ago

I’m in the mood for a bit of slow life in the city or elsewhere. It’s good to slow down the speed, the work, the fast paced everything and enjoy family, nature, friends and more…


grab a book and lounge

I found this fantastic creative independent kids magazine from London for my kids called  ANORAK

what is more comforting than a nice cup of hot chocolate?

we like to make our own, with the best of Swiss chocolate (without palm oil because we love the rainforest and all the life within), adding a bit of cinnamon or vanilla I got from my friends vanilla plantation in Bali. Yum!

We head out of town for a day or two. Family time to bond, relax, discover new places in beautiful Japan, breath in fresh mountain air in the Hakone region.

If we don’t have time to head out of town, we find these to play under. A good spot for park time during the golden leaf season is Yoyogi Park. There’s enough space for the kids to run and to take in the nature.

and if we have more than a weekend, we fly over to Oxfordshire to visit Grandma who lives in a story book hatched house.


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