Sarah Furuya

Sarah Furuya

Executive coach, lifecoach and facilitator. Sarah has both creative and corporate experience  and uses her background in Human Psychology and Biology, her experience of 12 years of consulting, and working with business people in Japan, Asia and UK to provide an inclusive life and executive coaching experience.

Sarah has passion for style and is curious about doing things differently and stylish people who do things differently. She helps Clever Rebels and Curious Corporates with personal or organisational changes and challenges. People and organisations who work with her know that life is all life; whether it be work, personal and everything in-between. And they do it with their own style. She works with people’s stories, how they tell them and how they are crafting and living their business and personal life.


As she says “I want you to have a better experience of like and work. To create a more truthful, honest and sustainable experience. That benefits you, your company organisation and the people and society that surrounds you.”


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