Vanilla flavoured Black Tea


Natural black tea, grown on the sunny hills of Java. It has a warm taste, slightly vanilla, low tannin. It doesn’t get bitter when strong or served cold.

tea 110 gr

cubic paper wrapped size, approximate 6.5×6.5x7cm


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Tea is the first drink I have in the morning, after a glass of lemon water. A moment to collect the thoughts, mark the morning, sit with my family before everyone goes their own way for a busy time out at school or at work.

I particularly like this natural black Indonesia tea for it’s mild flowery flavour, making it perfect for breakfast time. If I dont use up all the tea I prepared I pour it in a glass pitcher and keep it in the fridge for later during the day. Never waste a drop! Don’t you just love this pungent orange wrapping? This alone makes Teh Tjap tea a great gift.


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