Teaet – Green Tea


Teaet – Green Tea powder – Teaet tea comes from the Southern island of Kyushu, near Kagoshima, from the Wakohen tea farm. No pesticides are used on any of their estate.

paper box contains 10sticks of 1gr green tea powder


Put a stick of 1 green tea powder into the mug and pour 150 cc ~ 200 cc of hot water of about 80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃, mix with a spoon and drink. ※ Please adjust the amount as you like



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I came across Teaet at a trade fair on Japanese foods in Tokyo, a while back. Attracted by the minimalist, pure stand, and the welcoming lady, I tasted their green tea. To be honest i was not used to green tea, other than the ones sold in vending machines which turn out to be a ‘so so’ representation of what it can actually taste like.

It’s been in my kitchen ever since. I love to drink it cold and hot and have been experiencing using the powdered green tea in various ways in my home made bakeries, in food and in my bathroom mixed with a clay mask.

However, this one is a very high quality tea which I prefer to keep in my cup.