Sweet Almond Bodyscrub


I’m always on the lookout of natural skincare products, avoid toxins when ever it’s possible. I tried the sweet almond body scrub from Nadis Herbal and can only recommend it.

It soothes the skin of the effects of sun exposure, nourishes the skin sinking deep within the skin’s surface, leaving it smooth with a light protection of the almond oil.

Best applied before bed time.

50gr sachet for 1 or 2 people.

A BFF and couples beauty home spa’s favourite!


In stock


Thrilled to have discovered another green beauty brand that aligns with my beliefs of natural beauty as well as supporting the tradition and people of its country.

Nadis Herbal is one of the companies engaged in the production of cosmetics and traditional medicine in Bali. Established since the year 2011, the company which is located in Mekar Bhuana village, aims to still exist and continuously produce herbal cosmetic products and traditional medicines that can be accepted by the market.

Using local natural ingredients in a sustainable way, bringing the best quality of natural skin care and Made in Bali combined.


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