Skin Aware – FOOD Textile T-shirt Pink


Skin aware – organic cotton T-shirt, dyed with recycled tomatoes. Box silhouette Unisex size T shirt features a smart impression square breast pocket,
a silhouette with a difference in front and back, a casual slit and sophisticated detail like SkinAware.

M size

It is a collaboration T shirt with a textile brand,
“FOOD TEXTILE” (food textile), which utilizes ingredients planned for disposal as dyes .

The color is four colors, dyed with tomatoes, brown dyed with coffee, purple dyed with purple cabbage, green dyed with lettuce.
Kagome Co., Ltd., Kewpie Group’s Salad Club Co., Ltd. · Green Message Co., Ltd., Tully’s Coffee Japan Co., Ltd., those provided by cooperation of each company are dyed.

Not only does it support health and living of producers by using organic and fair trade fabrics, but also to the social problem that Japan is the world’s top food waste country (annual 17 million tons: government study) It is a project wishing to have an opportunity to think about what each consumer can do.

The message that we want to deliver “Aware = awareness” for our precious earth and nature, which is also the SkinAware brand concept, is put in it.

In commemoration of this collaboration, we will deliver it in SkinAware special package. Original eco-package with simple structure of assembly, using recycled paper and realizing CO2 reduction during transportation. It is also recommended for gifts.

I use orgabits fabric to support the organic cotton industry.

■ “Ogabitz Project” is
an organic cotton diffusion project in which the most apparel brands in Japan participate. Approximately 90 brands now participate in “idea of ​​reversal” to deliver 10% of goods to 100 times people regardless of 100% organic cotton, producing about 630,000 items per year.
All items are from sustainable production, ethically made, toxic free for you and the earth.

Size M

Size Waist Length
M 33.5 cm 51 cm

100% organic cotton

Made in Japan

In stock


Wake up to the earth – Awaken to the Earth
itself , a sacred gift – Awaken to a miracle
“My skin” – Be aware of beauty

Lingerie / one-mile wear made from organic cotton 
evokes awareness “aware” to wake up when put on bare skin. 
Earth Aware By conscious of organic and fair trade, it is the strength and kindness of the earth where we live. 
Self Aware Small discoveries and miracles occurring every day to the awareness of ourselves. 
What I feel comfortable with skin is confidence for myself being care. 
The collection with the message brings “aware” to you, with majestic landscapes.

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