Skin Aware – Earth Mist Radiant Jungle 300ml


Skin aware – Earth Mist Radiant Jungle. Think exotic fruits, refreshing and comfortable scent. Indigenous natural blended essential oils, that insects rather stay away from including lemon eucalyptus and nime extract. fThe fresh fragrance that speaks to the mind brings deep respect to the earth and “consciousness to wake up”.  It is the perfect for :

-room spray

-laundry spray

-insect repellent

-body mist

Made of pure natural ingredients only (water and essential oil blend), it is toxic free and suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.

300ml spray bottle


blended essential oils (mint oil, tea tree leaf oil, eucalyptus trioroda leaf oil, citronella oil, lemon grass leaf oil, nime extract, eucalyptus leaf oil)

free of chemicals

free of alcohol

Made in Japan

In stock


Sometimes you become friends before you discover that you share the same passions.

When I met Hiromi we instantly clicked, however, we are both discrete and non hustlers, so discovering her passion for the natural life and ethical fashion came standing in one of her pop up shops with sandy feet in Hayama.

She is a woman of her word, a game changer, a shift maker. Her entire collection, in fashion and lifestyle, follows her fundamental principals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We can all be following her blindly.

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