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One of the oldest and most revered tools for spiritual cleansing is Palo Santo. Spanish for “holy wood,” Palo Santo is simply wood from the Bursera graveolens tree. We can trace Palo Santo’s spiritual significance back to the Incas, and it has figured prominently in indigenous South American medicine as a sacred incense.

Palo Santo releases your space from negative energy and encourages a free and open mind. Much like smudge sticks, Palo Santo serves as an evil eye against unwanted vibes and lets your chakras align to feel full, grounded, centered again.

Light one end of the stick until a flame appears. Gently blow out and let the stick smolder. Lay the wood in a fireproof bowl or an abalone shell. Breathe deeply, feel the gratitude and prayers flow out of you.

set of 3 sticks

approximately 10-12cm long sticks


In stock


This is one of my oldest cleansing methods. It’s easy to use, easy to bring along on travel. I love the woody smell and the clearness that reigns after each cleansing ritual.

I picked these up whilst in NY in one of my favourite stores in town. Its smoke and essential oil actually make a good natural alternative to insect repellent.

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