Monte Sapo – Yomogi Soap – Yatsugatake Mugwort Soap


Hand made Yomogi soap made in the highlands of Tokyo, in a region called Yatsugatake, by Noriko Hattori, creator and maker of Monte Sapo.

Mugwort is said to be the queen of herbs is indispensable to the health and beauty in Japan since ancient times, which was collected in the Yatsugatake region.

Yomogi is Japanese for mugwort. High in vitamin E, Yomogi extract helps the skin retain moisture while cleansing your skin gently.

90gr soap slice in recycled natural dyed fabric


olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, yellow clay, water, hydroxide Na, mugwort extract, essential oils (lavender, peppermint, cedarwood)


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I met Noriko through a friend in common while spending a weekend out of town with my kids. We clicked right away, sharing the same passion for natural skincare and cosmetics, herb teas and slow living. Just the mindful things we like.

She has an extended background in the beauty industry having worked for a long time for one of the leading Japanese cosmetic companies.

In the contrary to what she did for them, her brand, Monte Sapo is entirely based on the wellbeing of the user and the preservation of the environment. Combining both, her products are non toxic, hand made, effective and sustainable.