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CLAYD – Travel & Trial


This set contains all you need for a healthy trip away, and to give away a box full of bliss. CLAYD skin care are made of the highest quality ingredients such as pure clay from the desert in Western California, Damask rose, shea butter from sustainable sources.

● CLAYD for Bath: Natural Clay 100% natural clay powder containing abundant minerals that are essential for human body. Due to the action of negatively charged ions and osmotic pressure action, not only the surface of the skin but also dirt on the back of the pores can be absorbed and drawn out.

5 bags of 30 gr bath clay

● CLAYD soap damask Rose: It is a luxurious and gentle soap made from mineral rich clay and a rare soap base that does not use any chelating agent. Use plenty of essential oil of pesticide-free damask rose. Made by hand, one at a time, the traditional artisanal way. Damask rose flower extract, biva leaf extract, scutellaria root extract, geranium oil blend. * Synthetic surfactant, preservative, synthetic fragrance etc. not used.

approximately 55 mm × 55 mm × 18 mm / 50 g

● CLAYD Body Treatment Serum Pair: Mineral rich clay, high quality shea butter, pear fruit extract raised carefully in contract farms, plenty of luxury was used. A mysterious feel that becomes part of the skin in about 30 seconds after painting. There is no stickiness left. In order to be able to use it to the whole body with peace of mind, we stuck to the safety of the material.

※ Ethanol, parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances etc not used.

contains 25 g

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I recently met the founder of Clayd and was really excited to learn about the reason of her venture. More than a product, because it is so good for our health, it is a product aimed to become an everyday/weekly ritual of ones self-care.

I like all of her products a lot. They are easy to use, toxic free, tested and recommended, easy to bring along on trips and great as gifts.

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