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CLAYD – Essential Minerals – Clay Mask


CLAYD “Essential Minerals – Clay Mask” is a tube with ready to use clay of the highest quality pure clay from the desert in Western California.


  • detoxifying
  • regenerating
  • anti ageing
  • water retention reduction
  • heals wounds – clay connects with peptide which fix cuts & scars
  • promotes good sleep

tube of 136gr (7.2 x 4.5 x 14.5 cm)


Apply clay on clean damp skin. Rinse with warm water after 10-20 minutes.


Abundant minerals such as silicon, magnesium and calcium, which are the main ingredients of CLAYD’s clay, bind hyaluronic acid and collagen to the skin to prevent skin regeneration / repair, moisturizing, trouble relaxation and aging.

It adsorbs waste from the surface of the skin and the back of the pores, environmental pollutants, heavy metals etc. like a magnet.

You can remove only the unnecessary things without breaking the barrier function of the skin. Because it creates a microcoat that does not interfere with skin respiration, it protects the skin and gives gloss.

Ethanol paraben is not used at all.

For quality stability and preservation, polysorbate 20 and glyceryl caprylate are blended. Both are safe enough to be used as food additives.


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I recently met the founder of Clayd and was really excited to learn about the reason of her venture. More than a product, because it is so good for our health, it is a product aimed to become an everyday/weekly ritual of ones self-care.

This clay mask has the most smooth effect on my skin, leaving it pure as well as hydrated, with a silky looking skin. I’ve tried many different clays and like this one a lot. You can make it on your own using the CLAYD from the bath sachets. Mix it with water and let it rest for 48hrs before using….if you manage to plan your home spa moment in advance.

This ones easy and travel proof, for urban nomads like us.

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