CLAYD – Bath Clay Canister 4oz


CLAYD – bath clay canister of pure clay from the desert in Western California. It is the perfect gift for a friend or to oneself on a mission of self-care and indulgence.


  • detoxifying , promoting circulation
  • pain relief
  • water retention reduction
  • weight reduction
  • heals wounds – clay connects with peptide which fix cuts & scars
  • deodorizing
  • promotes good sleep


pour a spoon full of clay into your hot running bath, mix and chill. Preferred time for best effect is night time. Clayd promotes sleep.

To detox your body, it takes 40 minutes. During the first 20′ your body rids itself of accumulated toxins, the second 20′ allows your body to absorb the goodness of the minerals of CLAYD.

One canister contains 4oz makes 13 baths.


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Did you know that clay can extract accumulated metals from your body? Meaning pollutants, radio activity…

More than a product, because it is so good for our health, it is a product aimed to become an everyday/weekly ritual of ones self-care.

I alternate between bathsalt and bathclay, just giving it a bit more spice to what otherwise becomes a boring ritual. Add a drop or five of your favourite essential oil for extra bliss.