best of Tokyo pic nics

best of Tokyo pic nics

6 years ago

What are you doing this weekend?

 I hope the sun will shine and we can take a family walk along the Nakameguro river side in central Tokyo, lunch on a terrace, find some new books at T-site…enjoy the time!

Or maybe we can go to the park and have a pic nic? I like to bring my own pic nic basket with lemon grass ice tea, sandwiches and pop corn ^ ^


I like to bring my home made food and leave as little trash behind as possible. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Some ice tea and popcorn, raw vegetable sticks and other small finger food .After all pic nics are more about the time spent with friends than eating a big meal.

Fresh lemongrass ice-tea from picked on my rooftop garden.

crush the lemon grass sticks so they split open

let them infuse in boiling water for 30 min before cooling them in the fridge

It’s very refreshing since lemongrass has a cooling effect.

 Enjoy your weekend!


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