new Aesop skincare launch in Tokyo

aesop botanical skincare launch Tokyo

new Aesop skincare launch in Tokyo

3 years ago

What an amazing treat I got from Aesop Skincare today meeting the woman behind the internationally established botanical beauty line Aesop, Suzanne Santos. She came to town to introduce their newest baby of the range called ‘facial essence 60’. It’s designed for people like us, living in the city exposed to pollution and stress. No matter how relaxed we feel, all of it has an effect on pour skin and how we look.

This new beauty serum contains potent ingredients that protect and strengthen the skin, lending hydration all day long and strengthen the barrier underneath. Aesop uses botanical ingredients with man made knowledge. The best of both worlds, like the balance of our life between organic and natural, between work and slow-life.

We got to go through the whole beauty process as if we were at home, staring with a cleansing oil to remove the impurities and make up using a strong anti-oxydent formula, exfoliate gently to renew the skin to make it softer, toning it with one of Aesop toner specifically made for three skin types. I soon felt that unlike other products, all of these products were quickly absorbed by the skin leaving a lovely mat surface.  Ready to try the newest of Aeosp range, ‘facial essence 60’ including ingredients like red algae, sandalwood and rose petals. This serum regenerates, protects and hydrates your skin.

My son who joined the event with me thought that I smelled lovely too which was nice!

For my combination skin I moisturized my face with a parsley-seed anti-oxydent serum. To top it up I tried out one of their eye treatments and lip cares which was to my surprise, vegan, since the lip balm doesn’t contain any beeswax unlike other lip lines.

It was amazing refreshing. I didn’t feel as if I was wearing much cream at all. Everything was absorbed and felt light, giving a mat finish, perfect for some loose powder for my light make up I use for my daily work time.

Now I’m ready to go back again tomorrow . Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable. It will be a pleasure to interview her for My Organic City website.

Your work should be an act of love, not a marriage of convenience.

Haruki Murakami


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