Living inspired through traveling in my opinion is the key to a healthy mind and for understanding of others. I recently read that understanding is the sister of love. I love to explore new places, as well as head back to my favourites. Sharing places I cherish in city’s I’ve visited or lived. Places that are in harmony with nature, places that are just too good to miss, places that are aligned with a mindful lifestyle. I like to support local, and am in awe when local make or grow their own produce, do seasonal farming or more. I always like to find a place to breath, glow and get inspired. Sharing the most local, natural and sustainable places to eat, stay, bliss out at or shop at.

If you have a suggestion please send them as we are always looking to share more of the good stuff.



Paris has always felt like home. First in my dreams while studying French, then in reality while attending art school and now again after a long while away in Asia. It's a city that changes without changing. You can go into any cafe and know the menu before looking at the blackboard. However there has been a movement of international and traveled Chefs and entrepreneurs who have added a healthy exciting touch to the cafes and food vendors in Paris. Gathering a list of favourite places to eat and treat myself : food, beauty and all things nice.


London holds a special place in my heart. The numerous holidays I spent there with my brother(s) to visit Grandma and GG (Great Grandma). The times we went to watch "Cats" the musical, eat sticky toffee at Thorntons, have high tea somewhere with a views of a park. Not to mention the times at Plumes where English food was at its best. London is Europe's city of diversity, individuality, feminism, art and music. A melting pot for the creative with the Royal family at the helm, sharing a sense of national pride which is far from anything extreme. A powerful sense of community.


My home for 15 years, I have seen many parts of the city, some that remain and some that don’t. Writing a guide for Tokyo is probably one of the hardest places to do so. In constant evolution, it's a city that inspires to 'just do it'. Listing my fave spots, please check if they are still open before venturing out to visit.

Map coming soon…

New York

New York is the sexiest place I've been too (so far at least). Maybe it's the vibe. High jazzed energy this city ignites anyone who visits to explore everything: food, beauty and art. I'm a tourist in the big apple and love that feeling, sometimes, of incognito. Here are some places in NYC and Brooklyn combined.

Map coming soon…