meet ex-model turned macrobiotic cooking teacher

meet ex-model turned macrobiotic cooking teacher

6 years ago

I haven’t seen my friend Hitomi-chan for many many years and thought of her often. Bumping into her in the streets of Tokyo was the best thing that happened to me in a while.

Ex super model, mother of 4 kids, ashtanga yoga teacher, macro biotic cooking teacher she lived for a couple of years in the countryside of Yamanashi – where her life style went back to old times – She made her own house with traditional methods – her wood stove gave the pace to her family life surrounded by nature. Back in Tokyo – she’s writing her 4th book – coming out early 2013 – teaching a more natural healthier lifestyle while enjoying what this amazing city has to offer.

A thoughtful selection of lifestyle – what we need is not what we see. Inspiring and sweet as ever – so happy to be back in touch with Hitomi Higashi.

Now we are back in touch we won’t let time fly by as we have! We had a wonderful morning catching up the last 10years with big smiles on our faces at Nicolai Bergmann cafe – we both love this place for it’s fresh ingredients in the  salads, smoothies and sandwiches – the space is filled with a wonderful scent of flowers from next door – Nicolai must be the most talented florist I’ve met. So glad to have this stylish Scandinavian space right next to my work.

Check out her website – Hitomi’s Kueche (Hitomi’s kitchen)  and her books:



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