Make Staying Fit your New Habit

Make Staying Fit your New Habit

11 months ago

With the beginning of a new year, a lot of people make reset their goals, many of them are based on health and fitness. Whatever your dreams and ambitions are, without good health nothing can be accomplished.

This is one good reason to make fitness top of your list. Get out to the gym, download that fitness app, take care of your body, the way you take care of your best friend.

Personally I started going to the gym on regular bases not because of fitness reasons, but because I had to get my knee fixed after a silly ski accident. You see, being Swiss means that I was basically born with skis on my feet. I do like skiing, and I love being in the mountains, in the fresh air, under the blue sky with everything glowing white crystals around me.

After a few months of healing exercises with Nathan Schmid at Club 360, I was hooked on exercising. It’s like anything. The more the more you do it, the more your body wants it.It feels good. Set your habits on the right path, and you set yourself on the road of health and success with your happiness as your drive.

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. John Dryden 

I am eager to bring you my fitness coach closer, to inspire you to new fitness resolutions introducing this high end fitness studio run by a bunch of over qualified fitness addicts who always have a smile on their face, making you feel at ease at all times at Club 360.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Sydney Australia and have lived in Japan for 13 years. After graduating with a bachelor of health science degree in 1999, I started working in a small gym by Manly beach, Sydney. I spent a year working on the gym floor before I started actually taking clients, which looking back, is something I’m very glad I did. I think too many trainers go straight into personal training and miss this valuable experience.

 In 2004, I was invited to Japan by a university friend who was one of the first trainers to really set up a professional personal training business for expats in Tokyo. In those days, we were sub-contracting to Golds Gym and training people in their homes and nearby parks.


It was always a goal of mine to open my own fitness centre; where I could design a space that I believed was 100% conducive to how I wanted to train people. After a few false starts (GFC/ earthquakes) I was finally able to realize this in 2013 when I teamed up with physiotherapist and brother-in law, Sam Gilbert, to launch Club 360.

We now have 16 fellow fitness professionals working with us and offer physiotherapy, personal training, boxing, sports massage and nutrition coaching.

You manage a fitness club in Tokyo, what is special about your gym that others don’t have?

I believe the major point of difference Club 360 offers comes from a strict focus on education. We have regular in-services and offsite training where every team member openly and actively shares their expertise so we can all learn and grow as fitness professionals. In an industry where trainers can be qualified by a basic internet course and the internet provides a mass of conflicting information, we are continuously trying to push ourselves to be leaders in our field.

How does a day in the life of a professional trainer look like?

wake up – I wake up around 6am and like to shower, change and get out of the door fast. My 20 minute drive to work is where I usually catch up on my latest podcasts. I usually schedule 1 training session at the club before I eat my breakfast.

breakfast- Usually includes eggs, salad and black coffee. Its also a time to catch up on my morning emails etc. After that, its back to training clients.

My own training is always varied depending on my goals. This is imperative for making long term physical changes and also to keep from getting bored or over trained. Strength training and boxing are my staples and I usually train 4-5 x 60min per week.

lunch – Either a bento made from the pervious nights dinner or I will eat out when I have meetings schedule. I have never followed a strict diet so eating out isn’t too difficult. My main personal dietary guidelines are too eat whole food whenever possible and to control calories to not overeat or get hungry and tired. This can also change depending on my current training goals.

Dinner is usually late for me- around 8:30pm with at home with the family.

family life- Early morning and late nights can be a tough on family life, but I have been fortunate enough to be able to control my schedule to make sure I have time to pick the kids up from school, ride bikes and just spend time together. This has always been a priority for me. Also, I am extremely lucky to have my wife, Miki, share my passion for training and coaching. We are in the gym together everyday and you will also find our kids running around at least a couple of times a week. Both of our girls literally took their first steps at Club 360! 

The key is to find a form of exercise and healthy eating routine that you enjoy.

To people wanting to become fitter and live healthier lifes. What would you suggest they do? how many training times/week? what kind of training? 

There is no one approach that works for all. The key is to find a form of exercise and healthy eating routine that you enjoy- or at least have best adherence to! Whenever possible, control calories with healthy, whole foods that you enjoy eating. If you get off track- don’t punish yourself- just get back to it. Perseverance is key. The same goes for training. Regular exercise of varying intensity will do wonders- you don’t need to crush every work out. Listen to your body and make training a lifelong journey, which means not burning out in 6 months. In terms of type of training, I firmly believe everyone should do some form of strength training in various movement patterns. This can be done in many forms, but obtaining a good balance of strength and flexibility will change your body for the better for now and the future.

Since we are what we eat – Where do you go to enjoy a meal in Tokyo? Any places you recommend for fitness conscious urban citizens?

As I mentioned, I am pretty flexible with my eating. I love going to new restaurants and am adventurous with eating many different cuisines. In saying that, I am not shy about asking for changes at any restaurant/ cafe I go. This usually involved leaving out things like fries, sauces (at least on the side), cream, bread etc, For an example, I often frequent “37 steakhouse” in Roppongi for lunch.

Instead of salmon with butter sauce and mash potatoes, I will change out the mash potato for a salad and ask for lemon and salt instead of the butter sauce. Much healthy and it tastes amazing! It’s these types of frequent small changes over a long period of time that can make all the difference.

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AJ meet Hiromi-Skin Aware
AJ meet Hiromi-Skin Aware


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