Grounded Guidance Coach - Rachel Fearnley

The coaching world is such a fascinating world to me. There are every sort of coach and everyone will really support your growth in ways you have not expected nor experienced before. I am in awe of them all. The ones I have met and the ones I will meet because life is made of a series of learnings that can only occur through encounters with people. If you can learn fast with the right people, get the right tools, it feels like getting the priority pass at airports. Take it and be grateful.

I met RACHEL FEARNLEY on one of these courses and was drawn to what she said and how she said things. Her calm voice slowed me down to perk up my ears more to listen more, to hear and see more clearly. Something we forget to do enough of these days, or I forget to do. She has this way of talking for one simple reason, because she owns what SHE says. Want to know why? Read what she has to say here. Get into her vibe.

Go 24 hours without complaining. Not even once...Then watch how your life starts changing.
— Rachel Fearnley

Hey Rachel! Thanks for your time. I know you are super busy running a retreat, coaching online, recording your work for apps and being Mum. Thrilled to have you here, can you introduce yourself to the readers? Where are you from and what you do? 

I am British and have been living in Bali for the last 6 years. Before then I was traveling around the world as a yoga teacher and before then was working on sail and race yachts professionally.

I have a Surf, Yoga & Wellness retreat in Bali (not a yoga studio) called THE PINEAPPLE HOUSE, Bali. I have had the biz for 4.5 years, set it up by myself and this year took on a biz partner for the retreat. We are starting to really grow the biz into Burn out retreats and pop up retreats in other locations. We have our first burn out retreat in November here in Bali and our first Surf, yoga and sound healing retreat in Portugal in June 2020.

I have been teaching yoga for 8 years, and quite quickly found my way to meditation and breathwork and yin yoga. I LOVE the subtler sides of the practice of yoga. Besides everyone in Bali is a vinyasa teacher so its good to be different!

I am a breath work practitioner and this year created an online breathwork and stress reduction course and i regularly record free meditations and breath practices for Insight timer, which is the worlds largest free meditation app.

I am also in the process of launching a year long online coaching program incorporating ayurveda, yoga, meditation and breathwork and habit evolution, to support people towards shifting their daily habits (and therefor their lives) towards a place of thrive!


Compared to you I feel quite new to the world of wellbeing. Discovering the techniques, finding the right mentors. The whole ‘feel good’ lifestyle makes me want to dive into it more. Since when did you know that you wanted your life to be based on wellbeing? What is your journey? 

For as long as i can remember i have had a interest in the human body and healthy eating, although my lifestyle didn’t always align with those interests. After working on the boats for 10 years and really NOT looking after myself, I experienced depression and a string of health issues which lead me to question what i was doing and why. I finally found my way to a yoga class (it was NOT love at first sight) but i persisted. after a couple of years of practice i took my first yoga teacher training and the ball just continued rolling from there. i really felt that when you finally find what you are meant to be doing, the world opens up! It still took me a good few years before i really shifted my lifestyle and FULLY understood and integrated the teaching of yoga. Fast forward 8 years and I now have a thriving retreat business, I coach women online, run yoga teacher trainings and teach online. I really am living my best life! 


In your studio in Bali you also host retreats. Can you tell us more about these? 

Our retreat is a surf, yoga and wellness retreat. we run retreats all year round, with no set start of end date - you can stay 2 nights or 6 weeks!! We have started branching out into more wellness and burn out retreats in response to what we are seeing with our guests who turn up (most of them are exhausted, burnt out or on the edge of burn out) and both myself and my business partner have experienced our own versions of burnout and know all too well how it can impact our health and wellbeing,

We also have started to branch out to offer pop up retreats in new locations, we have just launched dates for a Portugal retreat next year with more locations to come soon! 

You have so much going for you, and you are a single Mum who just radiates happiness. Any advice to other Mums on how to keep your work life balance, motherhood and work? 

support support support 

I could not do all this without the amount of support that I get - i actively seek it out! I have 3 nannies, an amazing tribe of very close friends here in Bali and around the world and numerous staff for my businesses. most of our societies now have got it SO wrong about bringing up kids in this nuclear family, not reaching out, thinking that we have to do it ALL BY OURSELVES. Not too long ago, we lived in communities where kids were raised by the entire village... I’m recreating this! I used to think i had to do it all by myself, i thought that it made me a better person, and since then I’ve realised the opposite is true! I have got really comfortable asking for help,  and receiving it graciously. AND what I have also learnt i that people LOVE helping! (especially when you have an adorable little person)


This Journal is very much about living life inspired by peoples stories like yours. It is also about wellbeing. Doing what feels good. What is your morning and evening routine? What do you stick to and what do you happily delegate?  

My routines do change quite a bit as my baby is just 18 months old so life is changing almost daily

However, I meditate everyday, and if i can, 2 - 3 times a day. I have my breath practice, i will do some form of conscious movement. i journal, gratitude journal and have started a more reflective journaling practice

I have a bunch of ayurvedic bathroom routines which i love, tongue scraping, neti potting, oil massage, dry body brushing, oil pulling.

I eat pretty healthily and have a cook at home, she does the shopping and most of the cooking. i used to work as a cook on the boats so am pretty good in the kitchen, but i realised that it doesn’t REALLY light me up, so i am so happy and grateful to be able to delegate that. It frees up so much more time for me to spend with my daughter and have more me time!


Keeping fit is part of your work. What are your favourite physical practices. Are there any specific brands you like best?

Yes fitness is SUPER important to me. I have a fairly regular yoga practice, not i practice mostly hatha tantra yoga, a very traditional form of hatha yoga. for me, yoga is yoga though, not sport. I LOVE pilates, this is probably the main activity that works THE BEST for my body. I have a membership at one of the gyms here in Canggu, it's a gymnastics / functional fitness gym and is amazing, they also have a recovery center with an ice bath and hot bath so i will head there a few times a week.

I did surf before I had my baby (i surfed until i was about 5.5 months pregnant) but havent quite got myself geared up to get back in the water yet.I also just love any kind of movement that challenges my body and opens up to me new ways of moving!

For fitness wear... hmmmm, so pre-baby i was a lot more into specific brands, but now i just use whatever is in reach! It is amazing how much my priorities have changed since having my babe! sometimes i go the the gym in the same clothes i slept in hahahaha


Bali is such a special place on earth. I have personally been there quite a few times and have put together some guide. Yet I am far from having discovered all the best places. Can you share your top surf spot, café, hide away, boutique? 

Top surf spot - I love ‘MEdewi’, its a couple of hours up the coast from where i am in Canggu and a lot quieter!

My favourite cafe at the moment is ‘Warung Goethe’ - its a french cafe that is not in the main hot spot and less known, so its got a sweet family feel, and they do THE BEST french toast

I am particularly in love with a boutique called ‘Velvet’, they have great summer dresses, skirts for tropical vibes!

Another great spot i get food from is ‘Oma Jamu’, its a locally owned vegan cafe, the food is delicious and super creative, 

My fav yoga studio is ‘The Practice’, I love that they have really carved out such a niche in traditional hatha tantra, they really honour the traditions of yoga and have stuck to their guns to keep the traditions alive. In a yoga scene where there seems to be a new style emerging every week, it is really refreshing to come across such dedication and commitment to a lineage of yoga.  

Find Rachel Fearnley on facebook and insight timer for courses, yoga, breathwork and meditation practices.