Breathe in Paris with Susan Oubari

Conscious breathing is the new thing. Truly! Try it to believe it. Start by closing your eyes and follow your breath. Do that for a moment and feel how this simple exercise shifts you. It shifts energy levels, stress levels, moods and feelings if sad, angry or other.

I am thrilled to introduce you to the only current breathwork coach in Paris, SUSAN OUBARI, founder of BEATHE IN PARIS. I met Susan during the summer of 2019 when looking for a breathing coach. I have myself experienced breathwork during yoga exercises, at meditation retreats and at a spiritual workshop in Ibiza. It moved me so much that it made me want to learn more. Susan is my breathwork coach, and has in no time, given me so much cleaning out, focus and energy that I am forever grateful.

She is a woman who learnt how to use her experiences as lessons to grow. Realization is the first step to self-improvement closely followed by forgiveness and change. Moving from the busy fashion world to commit to her calling as a spiritual teacher Susan has founded BREATHE IN PARIS in 2018 and has helped many people to exceed themselves.

Thrilled to have her here for you to meet. This is my first video interview so please be kind and enjoy our conversation. We literally spoke for hours, so this is just a glimpse into our life, into Susan’s life. For more, join her classes, come to our workshops where life is shared without judgement for the purpose of well-being.

IG: @susanoubari #breatheinparis