Holly Rose Eco Journalist

When sustainability is a lifestyle, the future looks bright.

Holly Rose lives by this quote. More than that, she actively, consciously lives by it. Holly Rose makes it her duty to research the newest, the latest, issues and innovations and brings them to us through her journalistic talent.

I have been reading up her news more than I have bothered following traditional news channels for the simple reason that she is not paid by anyone else, but ecological prevailers. Reading up on Holly Rose, might ignite you you be like me and become a supporter more than a liker by becoming her Patreon.

It can be very frustrating to learn about all the environmental issues we are in. I like how she is an eye opener as well as a solution seeker. I am honored that she took time off to be featured here, part of the the inspirers, the game changers. Her work is very informative and useful.

 What is your mission purpose?

To aid everyone I can in falling back in love with nature and each other. 


How can we help to make this world a better cleaner place?

Think critically. It's really important to not look at issues, nor their solutions, as black and white. Each aspect of our society is a web that needs to be carefully considered in collaboration with a diverse group of minds. Sometimes movements which have the best intentions end up creating more harm than because it hasn't considered intersectionality, possibility, or reality. 


What charities are in you opinion the most trustworthy and effective?

Charities run by people actually experiencing the problem said charity is trying to fix, native to the land the problem is occuring. For example, I think Indigenous lead charities are the most trustworthy when it comes to protecting nature, especially on their own ancestral lands. 


Can you tell us what a Soil Advocate is and how is it linked to Kiss the Ground?

Kiss the Ground is offering education on regenerative agriculture which helps reverse global heating and prevent further climate breakdown, drawing carbon back down into the soil where it belongs. Regeneration is the model of reciprocity in which production or policy leaves the planet BETTER off for the fact that it’s occurred. It restores and replaces more than it takes, creating a society which lives in symbiosis with the natural world, rather than above it. Letting life beget life as intended.   


I know you like to travel. It sometimes a conflict for you in regards to the pollution problems. I know, the more good you do, the more is expected of you, haha, but since you are an expert I trust your opinion. What are your top methods to reduce ‘pollution’ when traveling?

So I am from Canada and my husband is from America, but we live in Europe. So I've quit flying in Europe and won't go on vacation anywhere I can't train travel to. But I haven't quit flying completely as it means never seeing my family again. I've been trying to find a sailboat to take me across the Atlantic but haven't had any luck so far. When I do travel I have 11 practices I try to live by (however imperfectly) which I've shared on my blog  and instagram 

Last but not least, with Paris being one of you homes, can you share your favourite conscious places in this city of love (light) with us?

Yes, my favourite restaurant is Les Resistants, they travelled all over France to find the most regenerative farms available to source their product from. It's completely local, seasonal, and delicious. My favourite hotel is Le Citizen Hotel, they let me work from their restaurant below and have local and seasonal food as well. My favourite place(s) to shop for clothing is Kilo Shop, they're dotted all over the city and have amazing vintage pieces. I also love in the summer wandering around Vide-Greniers you will find the most magical treasures better than any store. 

IG: @hollyrose.eco