The World through the Lens of Lucy Laucht

Can you imagine what it feels to meet someone in person, whose work you’ve been admiring online for what feels like forever, by sheer chance and go “is this you?”. It happened to me and I can tell you it feels like my birthday and Christmas all at one time!

I am absolutely delighted to have had this chance to chat and exchange with this heartfelt talented woman, who shares her skills, lifestyle and travels through her camera lens, with the world.

Lucy Laucht is a photographer whose work leaves me with great feelings of positivity, beauty and joy. She captures scenes in movement. She shines the light on the essentials. Her world is truly the work of a modern woman. So balanced in the senses and vibrations.

Thrilled to have met you in London. Your work had caught my eye a while back on instagram. It is always great to meet the artist behind the work. For the readers who don't know you yet, can you introduce yourself here?

I’m Lucy, a travel, fashion and lifestyle photographer based between New York and the UK. I love to weave a sense of story through my photographs and strive for my work to feel transportive and shed light on the essence of the destinations I visit—and the people who live within them.


You told me that photography and creativity was always part of your family household but that you found your passion later. Can you tell us your story? How did your work life originally begin? What led you to pick up the camera?

Mum and dad were both artistic and growing up in a creative home influenced my decision to study the arts. Looking back, I’ve always been interested in capturing a moment in time or expressing an idea—but it would be a while before I’d pursue photography as a medium for that. Later I went on to study photography. I wasn’t a great student and didn’t quite see eye to eye with my tutor. One day he said, you know, you just don’t have a talent for this so if I were you, I’d give up and study something else. So, I did. I was 19 and impressionable and had no belief that I could succeed. The major catalyst for picking up a camera again was losing my brother in 2010. He was an intensely creative soul, living in London studying at Chelsea art college and I inherited his Nikon. Looking through the viewfinder of his camera felt like I was seeing things the way he did.


Since you thrive in the visual world, bringing alive concepts, supporting brand stories etc, what is your latest project that got you excited about your work?

So far this summer has been super fulfilling, work wise. I shot an amazing travel story in Mallorca for a French magazine, an ad campaign in Croatia and France and most recently a brand campaign in Portugal. I’m flowing with the opportunities coming my way and it feels good!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Old photographs, films, but most of all new places. Just being somewhere foreign is very powerful for me.


What always comes with you when you go on a shoot?

Leica M10, my passport and a silver St Christopher charm that belonged to my brother.

I believe you have more than one professional hat. Can you tell us about your other project?

I co-founded Tio y Tia with two very good friends. Our goal was to come together to create a line of beautiful and thoughtfully produced hats, and travel somewhere amazing twice a year to photograph them. Our hats are inspired by the American southwest and handmade by America’s oldest hat maker. It’s amazing to run a business alongside such amazing, smart women.


Since we met at the in health Goop in London over summer, wellness and self-care are consciously part of your life. How do you go about including self-care in your daily life? Do you have and stick to any rituals? Or do you go with the flow with a minimalist bathroom shelf? What works best for you?

With my travel schedule, ritual is incredibly important in order to stay grounded, but it often slips when I’m on the road. I practice yoga regularly, run and write morning pages. I’ve recently discovered Breathwork classes, which have been a real game changer for me.


You travel a lot for work and pleasure. What are your favourite places you've been to that took your breath away, soothed your soul and where you found comfort in food or being?

New York will always take my breath away. The deserts of the Southwest or being near the ocean will always sooth my soul and being home in the UK always brings familiarity and comfort.

IG : lucylaucht