KIDE Natural Cosmetics

I like to say that when sustainability becomes a lifestyle, the future looks bright. This is true with the concept of KIDE, natural cosmetic line, made by Jopsu and Timo Ramu. It’s a luxury brand in harmony with nature in every way.

Jopsu and Timo Ramu are an internationally awarded filmmakers and creatives originally from Helsinki, Finland - but for years have been splitting their personal and work-life between Tokyo and Helsinki. They weave traveling into their life, even with their four kids with them. For me they are such an inspiration on how life can be lived if you so wish. Restrictions are made by us only if we make them

So what has KIDE got to do with this magnificent tribe? KIDE is their natural cosmetic brand launched not so long ago. With their skills in design, integrity in sustainability, their love for beauty in things and being, KIDE is one of the rare brands that checks all of the boxes with style, quality and environmental responsibility.

My first encounter with this lovely family of six was a couple of years ago at Omotesando crossing in Tokyo where a bicycle with a pink mushroom helmet covering blond head past me. It was Timo and Mimi on their way to somewhere exciting. We quickly found links of friends and met up and always stayed in touch. Meet the founders of KIDE, the true natural cosmetic brand in our conversation.

So how about you share a little bit of your story with my readers here?

My name is Johanna Ramu, everyone calls me Jopsu. I am a filmmaker, creative director and an artist from Finland, based in Helsinki and Tokyo. I am also  a mother to four small children. I  spend a lot of time traveling here and there with my family and trying to tackle some work at the same time.

My work is very varied. I direct commercial films, animations and do design work as well. I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing clients who appreciate my own style in design and film making. On the side, I work on my own artwork as well and currently starting to illustrate a children’s book.

I’m also part of a cosmetics company called KIDE. We have baked powders, packed in a simple wooden box. This company is been in our life for ten years already and we’ve been slowly developing the product to be the most carefully crafted and perfect baked powder on the market.


Can you tell us about your background?

I grew up in Helsinki Finland, spent my childhood and youth playing the flute and dancing ballet. Later I was doing modeling in Italy and Japan. After high-school I went to study architecture and also furniture and spatial design. It was around then when we founded MUSUTA with my husband Timo and started to do creative work on a very broad scale.


What led you to start your own beauty brand? 

KIDE was originally our client. We created the whole brand, name and idea around simplicity, pure, ecological and natural values and of course Nordic ideals. We were obsessed to create a package only from wood. 

Eventually we were asked to be more involved with KIDE, which has been very interesting for us.


What were the main criteria that you had in mind that you would never launch without? And why?

Absolute high quality in product and design. 

Because this is also a lifestyle product on display, it has to look beautiful. And of course we would not launch a cosmetics product, which wouldn’t be of very high standard. All our products are Cosmos Organic-certified by Ecocert Greenlife. Our wooden packaging and all packaging materials come from FSC - certified forests. We wanted the product to be easy to use and to be an essential everyday luxury.

We also just launched our line of beautiful vegan brushes. We created the brushes with old brushmakers, who have hundreds of years of experience, in Japan. We think that these are a good example of handcrafted, luxurious products, yet ecological and ethical. No compromises.


Where can we find your brand and what's your next step for your brand?

Currently we are selling and shipping worldwide online at 

In Helsinki you can find KIDE at the flagship store of the fashion brand Samuji. Their values and aesthetics meet so well with KIDE.

We are expanding internationally and looking for interesting, leading lifestyle brands, which share our values to partner up with.


What inspires you for your brand and your art?

There are so many things that inspire! Our travels  have a great impact on everything I do. Nature, the organic movement of things and also built environments, contemporary architecture, empty space and simplicity just to mention few.

Our KIDE sees aesthetics as a natural part of daily life: traditional, modern and influenced by different cultures. The brand is drawn from pure nature, Finnish simple living, just living with less and equality in life.


As a wellness prevailer and you as the founder of one of the most sustainable beauty brand on the market. What does your personal skin care, beauty routine look like?

I drink lot’s of good, crispy cold , clean, pure Finnish water and that is the thing that I miss the most when traveling! For skincare I use THREE-cosmetics from Japan and I’m currently addicted to Church Farm General Store soaps from Byron Bay Australia. 

As for daily makeup I go for very natural look; Foundation powder 120 and bronzer 210, some beautiful highlighter powder for some special occasions,  of course from KIDE. Then I just add a bit of mascara. 

As a gypset, what are your three most favourite places in the places you call home?

Punavuori, the creative area where my home is. Second, what is special about Helsinki , is the nature, just so close from the city  surrounded by the sea. Suomenlinna is a beautiful fortress island just front a the city centre and Nuuksio National Park is just half an hour drive from the city centre . 

Porvoo is very picturesque old town, about an hour from Helsinki. We love the vibe there with pretty cafes and colourful old buildings.

In Tokyo I love the are of Daikanyama. We just like to stroll around T-site and it’s our kids favourite area too. 21_21 design site in Roppongi ranks very high on our list of favourite places in Tokyo. The take on exhibitions is always very inspiring. 

Also I love the fact that Tokyo is such a great access point to two of my favourite places on the planet; New Zealand and French Polynesia. 

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