Ibiza - the island of Spirits

I took myself to a happy place.

All I need to reconnect with nature and align my soul, are a few days in a place that aligns with my life principles of living in harmony with nature with the luxuries life shares with us: a quiet place, organic home made food, sunshine, somewhere to swim, yoga and good vibes.

I have always been drawn to this island, Ibiza. It has the best spot for aligned holidays at the secret farmhouse LA GRANJA. Curated by no other than Claus Sendlinger, founder of Design Hotels. 

It feels good to arrive at my home away from home. From my homegrown herbs to juicy ingredients from the hotel garden . Green space in all its beauty with purpose and scents. You can smell nature while walking through the gravel paths warmed by the sun. It’s heavenly.

I travel to take myself out of my routine, to discover new places and cultures, taste differently cooked food and to get inspired by the people I meet and places I discover. But I love my routine. I love my morning tea, I love my morning exercise, I love my healthy breakfast and time to write and read. With the flexibility of a ‘gypset’ I take my routine with me and adapt. La Granja offers a unique place for breath work and yoga, on top of a hill, surrounded by trees with a view of the ocean in the horizon. A breath-taking feeling of peace.

My Organic Ibiza, recommendations:


La Granja  - luxury in harmony with nature

Can Quince de Balafia - charming bed and breakfast in the heart of Ibiza

Casa Cook Hotel - bohemian Mediterranean hideaway


La Paloma restaurant - best for lunch for tasty local cuisine

Wild Beets - raw, vegan, plant based casual cuisine

Aubergine - even with the hand over from the founders to another, this place is set in a floral garden serving delicious Ibizan food.

Bar San Francisco - perfect garden restaurant on the way to the beach. Excellent tortilla sandwiches!


Terra Massia, Organic Farm - breakfast, farming experience, pop up diner and events as well as organic vegetable service delivery

 Es Cavallet - restaurant & wide open beach, turquoise water

Salinas - the one and only. Come as you are and be you with lots of music

Cala Xuclar - gorgeous rocky beach with beach cabin restaurant

San Joan Hippie Market- Sunday market. Brunch at Los Ostros or at Giri cafe before roaming around and snacking on amazing raw organic food, sipping your Ibizan kombucha and picking up another espresso for the road.

No shopping for me this time other than organic sun lotion at Savia and lush skincare products exclusive to La Granja to bring back home. It’s so much more fun to get something that is unique, and more environmentally friendly as well as locally produced and toxic free of course.