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Ethically Handmade Jewelry - Bon Hope has a story of it’s own. From the Bali beaches to shore of lakes in Sweden. This brand is made out of the realisation that global change is needed, that things can be done differently, that consumers can change, that leaders can path a different way.

As the foundation of my blog is to live inspired through people and their stories, I could not wait to see what Natalia and Robert had up their sleeve when I first ‘met them’ online. Reading their story I could visualize them standing at trash filled Bali beaches when the awareness of the reality of plastic filled oceans hit them so hard they could not ignore it. With a new little life standing next to them, there was work to be done to make their sons future, a lot more cleaner than what lay before them right there on the magical island of Gods. A spark that grew into a project that grew into a brand. Just launched.

When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.

This is true and has even more impact when the materials are sourced sustainably, when the production is fair trade and when the profit supports a charity. Then there is a whole production chain of people dancing to a groove. I honestly am in admiration of people who go out of their way to make brands like BON HOPE happen. How can we not support them and get our next gift to self or a friend, made with care? Meet the founders in our conversation here.

Can you introduce your self to the readers?

We have worked in the lifestyle industry with design and product development for 15 years.

Robert as a production manager and Natalia as a designer. We have worked with lifestyle products such as jewelry, fashion, and interior items. The last years 10 years we ran our own fashion brand.


What made you want to launch this new brand? 

In 2016, we had a profound experience standing on a beach in Bali. Having traveled to Indonesia and Bali on many occasions over the last few years, we were devastated and saddened to see the beaches literally covered with trash. 

Standing there with our four-year-old son, we realized that we had to act. We took the life-changing decision to close our clothing brand and leave the “fast fashion” industry. 


What inspires you in your designs?

Our inspiration is drawn from the oceans and the planet we live on.  

One Ocean symbolizes the importance of living in unity with mother earth and cherishing our oceans. 

The design combines a pure water drop and a circle, which represents our delicate planet.  

 One Earth symbolizes living in peace and harmony with mother earth and cherishes our environment.

The design combines the tree of life and the symbol of peace, within the purity and simplicity of a circle. 

It's very important to us that our jewelry is a messenger and has a true connection to our cause, fighting plastic pollution in our oceans and also supporting fair working conditions. 

What message does your brand align with?

We are a cause-driven brand supporting the oceans from plastic pollution and are strong advocates for fair working conditions. 

This is what we think, do and say in everything that we undertake and this is what drives us each day even when times are hard as social entrepreneurs. 


You support the ocean clean up. Which association are you linked with? Why did you decide on supporting this project rather than another? 

We are linked with This is one of the organizations we have seen doing good work for the oceans and the vulnerable marine life within. 

We also work locally in Bali supporting ethical working conditions and support organizations that educate and do hands-on beach cleanups. 


Since we like to slow down to make space to feel good, what are your self-care rituals that support you in your work life balance?

At the moment the cause sustains us well, that combined with the time we spent with our 6-year-old kid gives us a work-life balance.


Can you share your favorite brands that share your mission?

Reformator, Toms, and Patagonia

What is your go to place in Bali?

One of our favorite place in Bali is a small island called Gili Meno. An island without cars or motorbikes. The only way to go around the island is by foot or bicycle. A really peaceful and beautiful island. We and our kid love to snorkel alongside with the turtles in Gilli. 

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