Feel Good Events for Stress Relief

Stress relief comes in many different forms; some like to go running, some take up extreme sports, some turn to wine or some go out partying. I've done them all and can say, tested and disproved.

Putting more stress on our bodies, forcing ourselves to over work and detox then turn a blind eye on what is truly stressing us out leads us nowhere. No where constructive at least, and definitely no closer to our dreams. Not to mention it can later lead to health issues which just add extra stress and sadness. From personal experience, facing the reflection in the mirror can be a long healing process, depending on your past and present life and how it reflects your dreams, how you set boundaries and your general purpose in life.

I found that it is important to be gentle with yourself. To take time to know yourself and to be your best friend. Give yourself what you need with love and affection. Sometimes this will mean you need to step out and vent, to see clearer again when the dust settles. There are so many ways to handle different types of stress including, from work, from motherhood, from relationships, from toxic news, from mastering every day life tasks.

In my workshops, I share some tools that work: tested and approved. I share with you tangible solutions. I share a network of healers. I share a community, you can become part of to reach out whenever things spiral out of control or even just to share when you have good news. "It takes a village to raise a child" and I believe it takes a tribe to realise your dreams. It also takes care to feel accomplished and loved. There are no quick fixes however, there are fixes that are easier to achieve than perhaps you thought.

As Thich Nhat Hahn said:

We need strong roots to weather the most difficult storms. often we think we are balanced when in reality, that balance is fragile. we only need a slight breeze to blow for us to fall down.

Strengthening our roots is the foundation for our happiness. Surrounding ourselves with a community that inspires and lifts us is essential to feeling accomplished so that we can reach out and share our purpose, our gift and feel accomplished.

Thrilled to bring together a tribe of experienced women who are there to share and support. All that mixed with a ton of fun is worth your time spent for #metime For information on upcoming events head over to Abi's Journal facebook page, events, sign up to the Journal’s newsletter. More exciting things coming this Fall.