Sourcing your Power with Vanessa Kandiyoti

The world is your oyster. You know that when you expand your tribe beyond the place you call home, beyond your field of expertise then you are truly opening yourself up to the world. It’s a delicious process to connect and tastes even better with your girl tribe by your side. This is how I met Vanessa Kandiyoti, through two connections, living on opposite sides of the world, connecting us.

Vanessa has a powerful aura. Not loud nor flashy. Just enough to feel it in her presence. It comes from her conscious choice to expand her capacities and to share them with people who are interested in empowering their creativity. She shares this in her first book, The Jewel Process, as well as during her meditation sessions and through the evil eye jewels she designs. Guiding tools to align chakras, embrace emotions, build up trust for inner growth.

She is one of those souls who found stability through her creativity. An inspiration to do what you love and share it, because it’s charisma that attracts and how can we build that? I suggest you read her gorgeous book, which is a jewel in itself, join in some of her events and tune into your own integrated mindfulness. We carry what we need within us to become calmer, clearer and happier. Please to share with you my friend, Vanessa Kandiyoti in a Q & A.

“The Jewel Process is an alchemical journey for women who want to create a life and a business that feels meaningful and empowering.” Vanessa Kandiyoti

“The Jewel Process is an alchemical journey for women who want to create a life and a business that feels meaningful and empowering.” Vanessa Kandiyoti

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where you are from, what you studied, what you do?

I am a 39 year old woman, born and raised in Belgium, to Turkish parents. Went to the international school of Brussels, studied law in London, joined my family business in commodity textile trading after that and though I loved business, I knew I need to do something with a social impact. After three years of working and thriving, I felt a deep lack deep down and fasted for a week. Took the decision to quit and go backpacking. Interned in a microcredit company in Mexico City, moved back to London, started my jewelry brand based on the protective talisman of the Turkish evil eye and it all took off quiet rapidly. Started training as a coach, created a meet up and the coaching began: practical and spiritual tools for your creative business. 
Trained as a meditation teacher later and incorporated it in my coaching practice. 

You launched your jewelry line in 2007 after turning your back on your law degree to follow your creative flow to design luxury pieces in the shape of Turkish evil eyes and other good luck charms. Your collection is absolutely stunning. As you know I'm totally fascinated by the power of the evil eye. How do you describe this energy and how do you integrate it into your designs?

The evil eye has been part of my upbringing both at home with mother and from my trips to visit my family in Turkey. It came naturally to me as a lot of people would comment on my jewelry, especially my different evil eyes. It’s a protective talisman that is meant to wear off the bad energy that comes from people envy over you. 

You are an incredibly powerful meditation teacher! 'Tested and approved' after each session with you I felt completely freed, like a newborn, relaxed. Whatever was needed at the time was magically dealt with through your guidance. From living with the evil eye protection, to living fearlessly from within what is your best advice to achieve fulfillment?

To be honest, I have yet to find a balance where I remain fulfilled and don’t let my mind tell me that things will look better when I will have achieved such and such. It’s a daily practice, and it sometimes takes the worse of me still. I am definitely happier with what I have now, and feel grateful for this incredible life. I need good self-care though, being sensitive has its ups but also necessitates looking after. 

Looking at how you live your life, you really walk the talk of the theme of your book "The Jewel Process". Aligning each chakra to build a career based on desires. It sounds like magic, yet you are the living proof of it's success. What are your profound beliefs that everyone should follow in order to reach their goals, whether it’s in business or in their personal lives?

It is so difficult to tell anyone what they should do. The jewel process is a journey that is different for anyone who takes it on. Depending on your inner mapping, your souls longing and how deep you are willing to go and listen to what feels like integrity.

Complete the following sentences: 

Every morning I wake up and: I smile 
The mantra I live by is: perfection in my imperfections and I have everything that I need, right now.  
I get inspired by:powerful women who voice their needs and stand up for their truth. 

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I have your book, I have a piece on my wishlist from your jewelry line, I love your meditation workshops, I am dying to join one of your retreats. Where can people follow you and find out about your upcoming events?

On my website,