Restyled by Faye De Lanty

Eco warrior, Faye De Lanty is one of Australias most recognized sustainable fashion stylists. Founder of fashion blog FASHION HOUND, she knows how to style without sacrifice.

The fashion industry is one of the major polluters of the world. The production and distribution of the crops, fibers, and garments used in fashion all contribute to various forms of environmental pollution, including water, air, and soil pollution. We have become used to fast fashion and cheap clothes to make up for our lack of purpose, sometimes even a lack of happiness in our life. Think ‘retail therapy’. Sadly it won’t make our life more purposeful, nor will it make us happier in the long run to wear something new, and most of our consumption will end up in landfills.

Do you remember the documentary “The True Cost” on the social impact of fast fashion? If not it’s time to watch it (again). Sometimes I feel so disconnected when reading yet another headline about the terrible impact of fast fashion companies. A moment of detachment from THEM, since I don’t work in this industry, and yet, mea culpa, even if restricted, I feed into this industry. The responsibility spreads wider than we want to admit. WE are responsible for the pollution as well as the social and health impact of the fast fashion industry. It’s a fact.

There are many solutions to a more soulful consumption of sexy pants. Shop sustainable brands, clean brands, get yourself a hand made/tailor made piece, go thrift store rummaging, attend or create fashion swaps…

A fashion lover myself I came across Faye De Lanty’s videos on instagram and had find out more about this leader of conscious styling. We got chatting. She shared with me her styling ideas for my recent trip to the Cannes Film Festival, and inspired me to wear vintage pieces which were passed down from my Mum. I must say, it created a whole lot of emotions. One of them was a sense of pride to have such a cool Mum who got such great long lasting pieces. Think quality over quantity. I also got this feeling of doing a good deed wearing a second hand piece rather than something new I’d probably only wear once.

It is not easy being a conscious consumer when it comes to fashion. Glad there are people like Greta Eagan who wrote the guided book on this subject, Susan Hull Walker who produces her collections with a social impact respecting traditions of the makers , Sarah Furuya who organises huge clothes swaps in Tokyo to declutter and reuse, and Faye De Lanty, founder of FASHION HOUND, to inspire us to different ways. Trying new ways to shop for clothes is a lot more fulfilling and fun, especially when shared with a friend.

Can you tell us about your self ?

I moved from the UK to Australia with my parents when I was a baby. My background is media and TV but I’ve always had a HUGE love for fashion. I just wanted to find a way to do something really transformational and helpful with it. Now I am the National Ambassador and eco stylist for Salvos Stores Australia (that’s the retail arm of the Salvation Army).

What inspired you to launch your blog, Fashion Hound? 

It’s actually named after my beloved beagle SOHO (May she rest in peace) but also that people get asking me about my op shop outfits so I could see that my ways for making second hand look super chic could really be of service. 

Fashion being your passion, what is your biggest concern of this industry in regards to the environmental and economical impact?

The amount at which we consume and produce…it’s just crazy. There are so many ways and things to reduce, reuse and recycle. We definitely need to change our obsession with the shiny and new. 

What solutions do you bring to fashion lovers? How do you inspire change?

I show them that second hand never ever has to mean second best. I make op shop clothing relevant by relating it to trends and current runway looks, so consumers get excited about the possibilities with preloved fashion. 

What is your latest obsession? 

Natural plant dyeing with avocado seeds, onion skins and next I’m going to try spinach and parsley!  

You obviously care about style and beauty. Fashion is pretty fast paced. What helps you to stay grounded?

Meditation and bikram yoga are my saviours! I don’t know where I’d be without them. Oh and my beautiful husband Lee has the best healing hugs, just holding his hand makes me feel so calm. 

Any brands or places that align with your principles you want to recommend?

Salvos Stores for sure but also The Reformation, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and KitX.