On the Hollywood Boulevard with Renee Bargh

I’m in admiration of women leaders & wellness prevailers. The future is female and the leaders are too. Renee Bargh, Emmy Award Winning TV host and certified health coach is one of them. From Byron Bay to the Hollywood Boulevard. She shares her experience and her lifestyle tips with us here.

Renee Bargh

Thrilled to have you as part of our inspiring modern women on the Journal. Can you tell us a little about your background? When did you become a TV host?

I started doing tv commercials when I was 20 straight out of performing arts school - I went for a co - hosting gig for a game show after some failed acting auditions and landed the role and it just snowballed from there. I felt much more comfortable being myself than playing a character. 

What is your favourite part about your work and where lies your other passions?

I’m passionate about people and connecting people. I always have had a very inquisitive nature and love interviewing because of that. I am also very passionate about travel and experiencing different cultures. 

I watch your interviews and you always add fun and humour to it all. Do you have any funny stories that marked you or cracked you up?

I may have twisted the truth about my surfing abilities to land a role hosting a travel surf/ adventure series and found myself at pipeline on the north shore of Hawaii having to admit that I was very much an amateur. 

Renee Bargh
Renee Bargh

I read that you are also a health coach, what is your speciality?

I studied integrative nutrition really just to give myself the knowledge I needed to back up what I was feeling about my own health. And so I could learn how to make better choices. 


What healthy choices do you incorporate into your daily life that make a difference? 

I try to stay away from sugar as much as I can and avoid processed foods. I eat fresh as much as possible & try to cook as much as I can. I also make daily tonics that I think are pretty magical with a bunch of different cordyceps & superfoods. 

When you are on the go, which you always are, what are the essentials that you will always bring with you?

My morning tonic! Which has ashwaganda, reishi, maca, cacao, turmeric, raw honey, and almond milk. I also take lipospheric vitamin c every day and add chlorophyll to my water. I also always carry a face spritzer I really like Claudalie. 

Since you are from Byron Bay, and I love that place to bits, can you tell us what your favourite spots are?

So many! Byron is full of so many treasures. Just outside of Byron bay I love “The Farm”.

“Folk” is my absolute favorite and I could spend a whole day there. The food is so healthy and delicious & the vibes are so high!

In town I love “Mez Club” for dinner or “The Italian” - Next to the “Byron Bay Beach Hote”l which is so fun to go dancing later :) and they usually have a live band on the weekends.

“Divino” is also a really cool new Italian spot with an exceptional wine list. And “Bang Bang” is my fave new spot for dinner in Byron Bay. Incredible Asian food and a super fun vibe.

You have to go surfing at “The Pass” or “Wategos Beach” and also I think it’s important to make a visit to the crystal castle which is also out of town and also a town close by called “Nimbin” for the true hippy experience. 

Afternoon-sunset  wine and oysters at “Raes” on Wategos,. it’s magic if you can splurge. Stay there I highly recommend it.

LA being your new home town now. What is your mini LA guide for weekend visitors?

Yes, I live in Los Angeles and I’m actually based on the west side in Venice. There are some great hikes in LA obviously Runyon is the famous one but Griffith Park is great as you can go to the observatory and get your obligatory Hollywood sign shot ;) but I really like the solstice canton hike in Malibu.

Followed by lunch at Cafe Habana in Malibu and then dinner at Nobu at the beach- that’s an epic day in LA.

There’s some great little cafes and I’m partial to the Australian owned spots for the best breakfast in town - head to Little Ruby in Santa Monica or Great White in Venice. 

Follow Renee Bargh on instagram and see her spectacular recent transformation through “UP” fitness training (Ulitimate Performance) on vimeo. She went from fabulous to even more fabulous. Mostly, it’s the additional confidence that “you can do it” she gained. Living inspired!