Slow Living - Slow Life

Slow living has never been more “in” than now. With more opportunities to DIY everything from photo editing pics, creating videos, managing banking, booking next flights and hotels, mailing messaging, contacting friends, worldwide and doing all one single handed device. Let alone being available to anyone on x number of platforms 24/7 can have a mind blowing effect and no doubt cause overwhelm. Truly not surprising.

It’s like getting a large plate of pasta and thinking it’s a generous gift which ends up with you over-eating, feeling bloated, getting tired and you realizing that was not fun at all.

People, including me, are reaching out to silent retreats, wifi free lodging (until we miss Netflix too much), grounding nature walks. Attracted to people who left the fast paced lives to take on a life off the beaten track to live a slower life. Embracing time in a different way, is to live a slow life.

Thinking of the ‘good old times’ when Grandma made pie and jam from seasonal fruit growing in her garden. When everything was cooked homemade, the milk man brought fresh produce to the door and when there were no mobile phones, no wifi. A home phone that would never ring before 8am, only in emergencies between 12 and 1pm and stop existing after 8 or 9 pm. To think about it now, it truly sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Evaluating the benefits of slow-living are enough to make this the best trend yet that hopefully will remain part of everyones life:

  • slow living increases patience and decreases stress

  • slow living makes room for the spontaneous which always feels like a gift to one self

  • slow living is environmentally friendly since it is living with the seasons

  • slow living is good for our health&wellbeing

  • slow living increases better sleep, patience and glowing skin

Embracing slow life in the modern world without losing your ‘spot’ in society can feel impossible. However with a few tweaks here and there, moments of slow living can become part of your everyday life, without making that much extra effort.

Here is how I tested and approved slow living for me and my tribe.

  • When planning life for my clan I plan busy around what’s unavoidable: school exams, events&holidays, work events, major holidays I don’t want to miss, and the happy or sad occasions life throws our way.

  • When planning my day, I follow a ritual that allows me time for self-care, while still caring for my kiddos and being present with my man. (women are naturally good at this)

  • When planning holidays, I take into consideration the season. In the beginning of Winter, we have more energy so I’d plan our ski holidays during that period, whereas towards the end of the cold season, I’d plan a wellness retreat for the family. If the kids have a trip to another continent, I’ll plan time in nature where we can all live by our inner clock,- etc.

  • Same goes with planning our weekly meal plan. I look at what is seasonal, what fits into my day on each day, depending on my appointments and everyone else’s too (kids after school, husbands work events, almost forgot: the occasional Mums night out).

  • Planning helps me to be organized, and organized helps me to avoid stress, and less stress helps me to live in the present. Living in the present, consciously is slow living. This is how I do it for now. It is not static since it changes with the time, the situation, obligations, the season, longings and needs.

    -Like yin and yang, it’s about the balance. Everyone can taste slow life in their own world at their own pace. Here’s to soulful living with conscious choices.

xx Abi