Style Coached by Aya Jean

Aya Jean is a style coach who works with your best features to get you out there with your best look but also with your confidence aligned.

Being pretty in other peoples eyes is not enough. You have to feel it, appreciate it, and learn to live in the moment with care and a lot of fun in order to be your best YOU.

Aya launched her style coaching business, Aya Jean, at the end of last year and the timing was just right for me to align how I felt, what I did with how I presented myself. Having worked on aligning my chakras, I was ready to work on my outside after having worked on my inside. Like as many of us I am better at helping others over myself. Sometimes it’s that gap that brings clarity. I’m most grateful for coaches like Aya who are there to lend a hand and share their skills.

Aya’s energy is positive and that taught me many things. I admire her strength and respect her skills. She’s a women who ran her own modeling agency successfully for years while raising her son. She lived life and learnt not to look back with regret. She has a profound strength in her that is intoxicating. You can dislike her frankness or like me, take it with gratitude for we can only truly grow through honest feedback.

I am thrilled to introduce you to my friend and style coach Aya Jean here. All I can say is that if you get her on board with you, you will stride into the future leaving the past where it belongs, behind you.

Aya, can you tell us a bit about your LIFE JOURNEY?

Aya Jean

I was born and raised in Japan, with a Master’s Degree in Education (TESOL) from Temple University and a BA in Literature from Sophia University. I have four decades of experience as a fashion model during which I ran a model agency for seventeen years. Among my major clients as a model are Shiseido, DTC (De Beers Company), Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Hakuhodo and Dentsu. Being a model runs in our family as my mother, Saori Kishi, was a supermodel best known for her Shiseido campaigns and runway shows for major designers such as ISSEY MIYAKE.

Due to the shift in my priorities and interest, I founded the Find Your Element Workshop shortly after my second divorce. I curated a bi-seasonal, weekly workshops led by top experts from various fields who has inspired me to become all that I became. I held 73 workshops all together. I believe that we have come out it knowing that there is nothing we cannot achieve in life, as long as we learn the hows. Getting to learn various methods definitely equipped me to get through many of my life’s challenges and I feel so much stronger now.

These experiences laid the foundation of Aya Jean and its first one-on-one program called L’Homme Fatal/La Femme Fatale Program. I founded Aya Jean Style Coach in the fall of 2018 and my current clients consist of celebrities and public speakers who are fully committed to upgrading their overall style and move beyond.

What is AYA JEAN STYLE COACHING’S main approach?

Aya Jean consists of two parts: one is called Element of Style, with Style Coaching Programs for both domestic and international clients. The other is called Element of Adventure, which is a VIP Concierge Service that offers best of Tokyo as a VIP, carefully curated to match your various needs.

The Style Coaching programs transform the clients on every level, equipping them with skills they’ve never known existed or knew they could have for themselves by simply acquiring them through the right coach.

The current one-on-one program – L’Homme Fatal/La Femme Fatale Program - is as much of an internal journey as external: by the end of the program, the clients have shown more than 100% confidence, not just in their style but in how they feel.  

All of my programs are carefully designed to give each client an opportunity to discover his/her maximum potential through body, mind and soul. Once the client finds his/her own unique style(s), it will remain with them forever so he/she can reap its benefits for the rest of their lives in every area. It’s a very exciting transformation for all of my clients!

My goal is to make each client independent stylists as well as equipping them with various tools to make them unf**kwithable.

What is your BIGGEST wish for YOUR STYLE COACHING clients?

Aya Jean's goal is to unveil each client’s inner “sexy,” allowing them to breakthrough their pre-existing, erroneous, narrow judgments of who he/she really is. My wish is that each client will be able to maximize his/her potential in every way, not just the physical. By helping Change-makers who are saving the world and/or the planet through my style coaching, I feel that these carefully selected clients will be better heard if he/she is eye-catching as people judge in the first 5 seconds. By improving their style and attitude to match, these Change-makers will be able to spread their great messages and contribute to better the world even more.

Aya Jean

Be Who You Want

role play is part of Aya’s coaching

being who you want to be - who you admire or aspire and living it out

brings you closer to believing in yourself

You recommend playing someone else at an event or during the day : what are the benefits of this role play?

I recommend pretending to be an actress/actor you like/look up to (for beauty, confidence and attitude). It’s difficult for one to “try and be confident,” etc but easier to pretend to be an actor/actress and “act like George Clooney/Monica Belucci/Marilyn Monroe.” It makes it easier for the client and adds an element of fun (an “excuse” to be daring), allowing them to produce results such as confidence, boldness, etc easily/easier.

Be a Jane Birkin when you go to the weekend market - how would she walk, talk? What would she wear? How would she pose for pictures? Where would she pose for pictures?

I often scold my clients when they slouch, act too childishly, eat quickly, etc by saying “Would George Clooney sit like that?” Either to make them learn ways to sit that is not unattractive or to have them learn ways to talk and act more subtlety, smoothly, suavely, and sexily.


I am extremely careful about with whom I spend my time with. I am also careful with what I am spending my time doing. In other words, I consciously surround myself with Energy Givers and stay away from Energy Suckers. As time is the most valuable commodity in the world, I’d like to pay huge respect to it – everyone’s time as well as mine. Once you do, life becomes easier and happier. After all, it’s impossible to seek everyone’s approval and appreciation.

As for my program, my big key word is “TIME.” How can I save these clients time and energy wherever they go? Aya Jean is a reflection of my desire to alleviate clients from wasting time, energy and money and in the long run, save millions of dollars as they sit back and relax.

I am also a healthy-food and healthy eater, as well as a regular practitioner of yoga, meditation and my most recent Secret 10-minute-a-day workout which is so much fun!

I also know how to pamper myself: massages, travel, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, masturbation and pranayama!

Always have fun first and foremost: the rest will follow!