Learn how to get Taller, Slimmer & Younger with Lauren Roxburgh

Lauren resonates healthy living all the way through. Beautiful in her soul and in her body, inside and out. She inspires to wellbeing.

I met Lauren at the Goop in Health Events in New York and LA and recently joined her event for Goop London. She has such a positive vibe, I just love being around her. Gentle, feminine, firm and pro, she is a 21st century girl-boss and truly knows what she is talking about in regards to fitness. Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t call her the body whisperer for no reason!


A small glimpse into the life of Lauren Roxburgh here and a link to one of her video coaching I love. I have got a bunch of her rollers in my home since everyone in my family feels great after exercising with Lauren online as well as the small travel size one. Tested and approved. Absolutely!


In her book “Taller, Slimmer, Younger” Lauren brings you through a 21 days foam roller fitness program. all about enhancing your alignment, increasing your body awareness, strengthening and sculpting and elongating all the muscles in your body in all the right places.

Lauren Roxburgh

With 20 years of expertise in fitness&training, what does the roller combine that is most surprising?

The roller combines both self massage and a completely body mind reshaping workout.  


How much is enough to start seeing/feeling the benefits? 

Honestly the first time you do it you will feel it and usually sit up straighter immediately.  Long lasting results would be a few weeks of making rolling a daily ritual.  You will only need about 10 minutes a day! 

You promote better sex through foam rolling. can you elaborate?

A strong pelvic floor is important for our overall well-being and it can also affect how we experience intimacy and pleasure. When you have a weak, disconnected and/or a clutched pelvic floor, tight hips and inner thighs and stiff lower back, it’s much harder to connect to your body, relax, be present or experience sex in the most fulfilling way possible. 
Check out my full 10 min video.

A website, videos, a book: what’s coming up next for you?

My new book The Power Source is coming out May 14th.  I am so excited to share! 

Finish the sentence ‘I always start my day with...’

Affirmations right upon waking, water with lemon, cuddles and coffee.  

The mantra you live by:

Aligned your body, align your life 


Here’s how I like to start my day with Lauren: