The Last Straw

Replacing every day items, even small things such as plastic straws, has an enormous impact on the environmental issues of waste. I watched the 30′ documentary on the life and impact of plastic straws I want to share it here with you.

I think you will feel the same shock and urge that will get us all out of our comfort zone to change how we consume. Apart from the fact that we don’t need straws in our life, unless we have a handicap of some sort that disables us from drinking from a glass. Even kids don’t need them. In fact, drinking sweet drinks through straws increases the risk of cavity. Drinks and fruit sauces get stuck in between teeth through the suction of the straw.

STRAWS documentary film official trailer from By the Brook Productions on Vimeo.

If you can’t live with out them, know that straws are easily replaced with paper, steel, glass, brass, or bamboo. They look far more stylish also.

We can go zero waste, one drink at a time.

You can get your own bamboo drinking straws online. I picked ours up during one of my trips to Bali. I met the person who makes them of 100% local sustainable bamboo, they can be rinsed and re-used as you please. They are completely biodegradable and look far better than plastic ones I think.

Supporting small and independent makers and producers is essential for a well balanced economy and this human touch in life we tend to forget in our busy life called love and compassion.