Stress Relievers and Motherhood

Am applying the essential oil blend called peace and calming all over my body before hydrating with a body oil cause today is one of those days you just wanna say what the F….

Hello Motherhood, this is just a normal morning. Nothing world shattering, nothing to write home about and yet, why should it be swept under the rug only to appear later…and usually with underestimated disproportional fury. Not liking this myself, I started on a long venture of self improvement for ME. Putting myself top of my list was the first step into wellbeing.

After a morning of waking up the house, making tea, breakfast, coffee etc. all things done with love one day that somehow became ‘normal’ the other day, you end up cleaning up the entire breakfast table cause you’re the Mum and work from home so you must have time to be the waitress and cleaner too. Mum life can be stressful.

Calm is a superpower.

As a young Mum I was very traditional. I took care of everything at home and felt pretty good about it. Being careful of how much you take on from the start is important.

It’s important to share your feelings when you like things to change. This was the hard part for me, sharing feelings in a way to be heard. I grew up in a home where feelings were shared very much so but also very much in ways that don’t serve me now. Unlearning old ways and learning new ones can be hard. My partner helped me (thank you for your patience babe) and my coaches helped me too to be the better version of myself.

Stressful days are common, they are part of life so rather than feeling sorry for one self or thinking its not normal. I learn to embrace it and say: this is life. This is normal. This can be dealt with so it feels better though. How to deal with different kind of stress feelings was a learning curve for me. I found some things helped, some things didn’t.

Here are some things that work for me. 

  • Start your day with self-care. Create a morning ritual that includes all the things that make you feel good. You can sneak them into chores so that you can accomplish them right away and start the day feeling accomplished already. Sounds good?

  • Communicate before you explode - in a way that you can be heard.

  • Share tasks to make it a team work (kids won’t like it but it will empower them because responsibility empowers everyone).

  • Use moments of chores to meditate : yes, who has time to meditate under a tree in total silence and harmony in real life? so , use the moments alone whilst doing chores to meditate. Its magic!

  • Scent evoke feelings which is why I am a big user and believer in diffusing essential oils. My recent morning blend is Idaho Spruce (so fresh) with tangerine (a sweetness that feels warm), peppermint (always a winner as it promotes oxygen).

  • Reduce coffee intake. I start every day with a cup of black tea, then I’ll have a cup of coffee. However, I tend to feel better when I replace coffee with matcha in the long run. I blend it with rice or soya milk, add some proteins from my VPP power sticks and voila. If I really need coffee, I’ll make matcha my third drink before grabbing a jug of water to put on my desk (cause I’m like a camel and forget to drink).

  • When I am comfortable I feel good too. My uniform is a pair of jeans and a T-shirt in summer, or a jumper in Winter. Give me that and I’m in my element and I can face stressful situations better. Plus Karl Lagerfeld said “You can be the chicest thing in a jeans and T-shirt, it’s up to you.”

  • Feeling grounded is key : it’s a whole. These things help me. They are part of my routine so I don’t even have to think of them anymore. I’m on auto when I do them. I have a few amazing girlfriends to lean on but best is to reach out to a coach who knows about this shit. We go to specialists for everything so why not go to a specialist for your soul? PM me if you want recommendations for this.

  • Never underestimate the positive effect of sex. Take time and enjoy intimacy with your partner and alone. It works wonders, tested and approved ; )

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. —Thích Nhất Hạnh

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