In Goop Health New York

When the news landed in my inbox that goop were hosting a day of goop health in New York, I knew it was a calling.

I just started blogging again. Healing my soul, following my passion, expanding my boundaries out of the Tokyo comfort zone. A weekend among people seeking for a healthier lifestyle, came just right, even if it meant to travel to NY in the coldest of the winter.

Living in Japan, I lost track of goop and it’s tremendous progress. Looking at what GP did with her side hobby as well as redefining her personal goals, brings admiration with a powerful feeling of ‘light after the tunnel’. I believe in lifting others through inspiration as well as being lifted by surrounding yourself with inspiring people. When self care is needed it’s a click away at goop health.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.
— Gwyneth Paltrow

I am not a celebrity stalker, of anyone in fact, apart of my kid (haha like all Mums). So my reason to attend goop was not to take a pic with Gwyneth Paltrow the celebrity (even if I did). GP is different, she created a tribe of inspiring women. She created goop back in the first days of blogging. An actress becoming a blogger and an entrepreneur led to some criticism of this avant guard actress who thinks out of the box. I remember thinking, you go girl! Anything is possible once you set your mind to it.

I won’t do a listing of what, when, how. You’ll just have to join another Goop Health Summit yourself and see for yourself. Here a little view inside the health box:

Taking time for self care, reflection, fitness, beauty.

The energy of the summit was captivating and stayed with me for weeks after my return to Tokyo. I was very impressed by how GP kept her tribe close. How they were all without exception welcoming, kind and helpful. There was no ego in sight.

I take my hat off to a lady like this, who supports women around the world for the better, who inspires with simplicity, and who opens her world just a little to her guests flown in from all over the world. I like this girl boss, and think ‘ find your tribe and love them hard’ would be a quote appropriate to sum up the Goop Health Summit in New York.