Sustainable Beauty Shop in Tokyo

Sourcing new shops is my little secret hobby. I found my satisfaction for beauty products I’ve been wanting to try at “It’s So Easy”, in Tokyo Aoyama.

The buyer of this boutique, Naoko Hada, travels to source the newest most sustainable products. Toxic free beauty products still being rare in Tokyo, this shop is leading the way to a greener future. From luxurious and everyday bathroom essentials to ethical undies and organic teas, this shop has a great selection of goods that keep us well (and toxic free).

As a prevailer of green beauty and organic lifestyle, I really want to support companies like these that bring us customers to clean environmentally conscious sources. I had a little heart to heart on beauty and wellbeing with the shops buyer:

Shop info:  It’s So Easy , 1F FROM-1ST,5-3-10,Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo 107-0062 Japan

Shop info: It’s So Easy , 1F FROM-1ST,5-3-10,Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo 107-0062 Japan

What are your fundamental principles when shopping for It’s So Easy?

Be simple and functional. I care about the comfortable pleasant feeling that makes up my everyday living.

What is the lifestyle philosophy you inspire to through your shop?

We like to inspire to a fee affluent lifestyle. We gather goods from all over the world which share the principles of making environmentally friendly organic cosmetics. We like simple designs for high quality products that are for every day use. Beautiful and comfortable wear, and goods that add value to the customers with its design and intention.

More than just offering a range of products, we like brands with stories to tell. The feelings, the posture, the philosophy of the makers. Products like cosmetics that touch the skin directly have clear ingredient lists with tracable sources, have to be comfortable to use daily, and lend potent effects. Stress free days for mind and body as well as environmentally friendly.

Sourcing the purest most sustainable products for your shop must make your bathroom cabinet a dream shelfie for all conscious consumers. Can you share your beauty routine with us? 

I like skincare very much and enjoy adapting the products I use according to my state of skin and mood. However my basic care looks pretty much like this?

For my morning and evening face cleansing I either use the Phyts cream or the lemon cleansing oil from Bottega Organica. Phyts hydro cleaners can be used daily, adding a little face massage while applying if your skin feels tired to activate elasticity.

The lemon cleanser from Bottega Organica is my favouirte because I can enjoy a full-scale care while enjoying the fresh olive oil and lemon scents that make me want to eat bread. The skin feels fresh after use. It lends a fluffy softness and elasticity to the skin. It just makes me feel happy. This product is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin since it is an oil based cleanser without emulsifier and acts gently while cleansing the skin with pure oil and plant extracts.

After cleansing, I moisturize with plenty of lotion. My number one favourite is the lavender mist toner from Bottega Organica. Without using a sigle drop of water the mist is made of 100% only organic plants. This one comes with me in my bag for day time and travel use when my skin feels dry or I want to relax.

After the mist I use the lavender nourishing face oil from Bottega Organica which not only firmly holds the moisture given by the mist but also makes my skin itself smooth.

I really like skincare time and I use a clay mask, face scrub, balm etc. at least once-twice a week.

My current favourite clay mask is from Herbivore Botanicals. It contains pink French flay and rose petals and is great if you want to raise the transparency of your skin. Since it is not in paste form, it also has no extra preservatives included. 

What are your product essentials when going on trips?

When I am on a business trip or traveling, I try to follow my usual care. In addition I bring some fragrance with me so I can relax and feel home away from home.

How do you wind down and give your self pocket moments of self care on busy days? 

Because my home is in Kyoto, I stay at hotels when I am in Tokyo. I like to stay in the Asakusa area where the atmosphere is relaxed and I can go to old-fashioned public baths at night.

Any other things you like doing?

In summer I grow mint to drink fresh homemade mojito on my rooftop.

All Abi’s Journal readers can profit from a 10% discount on your entire shopping in return of showing the shop staff this blog post and sign up to the shop newsletter.

You can also get the discount if you shop online using the code “abiloves” when checking out.

(Offers valid until end of June 2018, one time purchase/person).