Marielle Byworth – founder & designer of Marijoli

Marielle Byworth, is one of my dear friends. An independent woman entrepreneur I respect a lot. I am honored to feature here for you. She is a hard working, mother of two, pet owner, yogi, feng shui master and rocking her unique jewelry line called Marijoli.

Her iconic lotus shapes are featured throughout her collections and custom made pieces. There is something beautifully organic about her style.

Personally I wear my Marijoli necklace and charms every day. They feel good, and if you believe in supporting friends, supporting independent, supporting women, then the karma feels just right.

The first time we met was in her home in a tower in Tokyo, where it felt like being in a princess tower, with our common friend Maria Hietanen. Together they set off on a venture to design the hottest ladies swimwear collection using Marielle’s lotus designs as luxurious accessories in the pieces. Since then, Marielle moved to Hong Kong where she opened her flagship shop in one of the coolest buildings in town. A former police head office, transformed into boutiques, interior shops, creative ateliers, organic cafes, PMQ.

As a prevailer of natural lifestyle through conscious consumption, I meet people alike, a tribe I am proud to be part of, like Marielle who is a prevailer of holistic healing and all things beautiful for mind, body & soul.

Hey Marielle, tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the countryside of Northern Switzerland, in a small village called Courtetelle, just outside Delemont. In my twenties I moved to Geneva, and I completed my studies at ECAL in Lausanne.

I know you are a believer in the stars, astrology and all things mystical. So tell us, what’s your birthday and what is the meaning?

 My birthday is at the end of August, so I am a Virgo. My Feng Shui chart tells me I need Fire and wood. I have been able to balance this out in my chart with rubies and wore on a daily routine my Rudraksha and cornelian beads bracelet from our line “PURPLE” . This is now something we integrate into our bespoke designs along with Human Design for each individual.

When did your interest in jewelry start and how did it grow into a brand?

Design was always a natural impulse for me. I have always loved to create from an early age, but there were many stops on my journey.  I remember a fascination when playing with my dad’s watch crystals, which he used to produce. I must have been around seven years old, and I would marvel at creating designs with them for hours.

But things really became real for me during my time at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, my affinity with delicate objects became very apparent to me. This evolved further when I was living in London, sharing a place with my brother-in-laws, both established jewellers from a London-based family that has been in the business for five generations. We spent evenings sharing our passion and they truly altered the way I saw the world. I created my first bracelet in Tokyo in 2005, just after we arrived there. This was the birth of MARIJOLI!

Marijoli purple collection, healing stones in a range of colours worn by Marielle’s son.

Marijoli purple collection, healing stones in a range of colours worn by Marielle’s son.

What is the message for the beads? happiness, protection, how do you want the person to feel?

The beads have been a project for me over the past year and a half after my trip to Nepal, this has been really a case of MARIJOLI coming back full circle to its original spiritual roots: I created a new line MARIJOLI Purple, which is a more affordable line to start this project.

Over the last few years I trained as a Feng Shui practitioner and post my qualification, I started reading people’s stars, and helping them balancing their lives using the five elements. The beads are created for each individual, again focusing on the need for bespoke in this new era, and help each individual achieve balance in their lives. We have had some remarkable results and lovely feedback.

What were your brand milestones and how did your personal life influence them?

Throughout its entire evolution, the brand has been very organic.

Tokyo was a total restart for me, I discovered yoga and meditation and embraced the Tokyo zen philosophy. The first bracelet I designed was just for me, but all my friends loved it, and kept asking me where I got it. Eventually a few asked that I made some for them and then it the brand was born.

From there the brand just kept growing: I started by creating simple sterling silver cuffs and from that collection we gradually moved to fine gold, then diamonds, and after graduating from GIA, I started to use more diverse gemstones in our BESPOKE pieces.

A spiritual trip to the temples in Kathmandu in Nepal.

A spiritual trip to the temples in Kathmandu in Nepal.

To someone wanting to launch their own business, what would your words of wisdom be to them?

Patience is key. It takes time to build a brand, and success is built on many failures. But the number one piece of advice I would give, is do something you love. 

Passion is the best driver of a brand and a business, especially when the hard times inevitably arise.

I believe that beauty is far more than the superficial, I am more focus on how to be beautiful inside, it’s a constant journey, and I focus on love. If you always come from a position of love, it’s a pretty powerful thing.
— Marielle Byworth

You have an amazing body, you radiate beauty, can you share your beauty/skin routine, product bucket list and workout guide? 

Oh wow, thank you! It’s so refreshing to hear a compliment in an interview.
What can I say to this?

For the physical, I am extremely focused on my diet, and always try to eat clean…. I’ll occasionally have a little red wine (Pinot Noir of course for the antioxidants)

For my skin routine, I use all natural products: Oils for my face, baking soda and kombucha for my hair. I have literally removed all toxic products from my bathroom

And finally for exercise, I have a daily yoga and meditation practice, and try to do weights two times per week.

What helps you the most to be focused

Being in a state of ketosis (through ketogenic dieting), has a profound effect on me. It clears all brain fog and lethargy and keeps me laser focused. I love it, although it is a little hard to stick to…. Especially over the holidays.

Can you share any recommendations for down time spots in your favourite cities?

Hong Kong is really the perfect place to be a working Mum. You have so much support that would be hard to find elsewhere. I am also blessed to be able to travel the world to clear my head of everything and have new experiences at the same time as finding inspiration in different cultures and materials.

In Hong Kong I mainly go to Grassroots Pantry because is next to my boutique and it’s vegetarian.
In LA I swear by 
Bulletproof coffee in Santa Monica on Main Street they have their LAB next door for experimental health treatments, it’s a fun place to spend a morning.