Ethical Gifts for Conscious Consumers

I believe that we are all responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in. This is part of our 21st century reality and always in the back of my mind while raising two kids.

For my daughters latest birthday the question came up again. Living in a world where fast fashion is omni present, to guide my girl towards responsible brands is tricky but a must.

In a world where we are exposed to hundreds of advertisements daily to get us to buy this cosmetic brand to look better, feel better and be successful, guiding my girl to ignore them as well as the photoshopped covers of every magazine, is a must.

To bring her what she needs, what she dreams of whilst keeping it clean was fun. I’d like to share some of her gifts here with you to cut back on your research and to, who knows, inspire.

ethical gifts.jpg

Things for every day use and some for summer fun :

Cosmetic – a bath set, made of natural non toxic potent ingredients from MOON RIVERS NATURAL.

Swimwear – a two piece swimwear sustainably made from recycled bottles from a brand called WOVEN THREADS.

Accessory – a leather hand bag made to order from locally sustainable sourced traders in Bali called THE BALI TAILOR

Espadrilles – I’ve been wearing espadrilles, the real classic ones, during summer holidays for years. My favourite colour is charcoal, or now with MANEBI making them more stylish I got a neon yellow on ‘Net a Porter’ and a pale pink from their recent collection. I like my girl to feel as comfortable as I do and since she likes my style (for now) I got her her first pair for this summer. They are sustainable, recyclable, let your feet breath and stylish I think.

Habits change into character.

If you want to get more information or ethical gift ideas, you can contact me. Or if you want to be featured on my blog or instagram, just drop me a line.

xx Abi