Morning Routine to Successful Days

Who does not want that feeling of satisfaction when the sun goes down? Whatever tucks you, having your very own morning routine will set the flow of your day.

I look at success as being a very personal feeling of self satisfaction. Consciously listing the things that set me in that direction made my life a lot less stressful. II find it very helpful to follow a routine which makes me feel less rushed. It did take me a while to learn about my needs and how to set guilt-free boundaries.

I can only talk from my own experience. Some things that work for me, wont work for you, but some might, or in the least they may spark off another idea.

It takes 21 days to build a habit.

Id like to share with you some things that feel good, that allow me to set my clock and snooze button for extra pillow talk (and cuddles) without getting into a panic attack right after.


  • I usually start with a big glass of water because during our sleep, our body looses a lot of water simply by exhaling.

  • Then I alternate between deep breathing techniques and meditation. Excellent apps for this are the ‘Insight Timer’ or ‘Yoga Wake Up’ which you can replace the horrid clock with.

  • I get out of bed to wake up my kids and make myself and my love a cup of tea. I can cut back on many things, but my cup of black tea is something I look forward to. I also add a drop of lemon essential oil for the taste.

  • Then I slide back into bed just for a little longer to write into my journal. Why do I do that in the morning? Because it is my gratitude journal. Starting my day with positive thoughts helps me keeping the negative ones hidden away somewhere. Keeping track of things I am grateful for, the things money can’t buy is also good for the brain. A good stress relief. You can read up on this by the mentor of journaling Katie Dalebout. She is a great inspiration to me and my daughter.

  • I make my bed. Because I like my home clean and tidy, it helps me to think straight. My friend Sophia Watanabe-Edstrand once told me that the reason she keeps her home décor minimalist, is because she needs to balance it out with her inner firework of creative mess. Same goes for me. What it does is that it makes me start my day with an accomplishment. As little as it is, it increases self esteem automatically. Lastly it just feels nicer to slide into a made up bed at night then fiddling with the duvet and fluffing up your pillows (read more on sleep here)

  • I brush my teeth, my hair and even my body (check out all about dry brushing also), with the opposite hand. The more I use the opposite hand, the more I create right and left brain activity which stimulates oxygen which promotes focus. Yes!

  • I make sure to diffuse a blend of essential oils in the living room for the whole family to benefit from. Peppermint, Grapefruit are a winner combo for speeding up the oxygen flow promoting the sense of awakeness.

  • Breakfast is made of a power smoothie. Everyone in my family loves it and hey, it’s quick and easy to make. It has irrevocable health benefits when it is made with brainfood like blueberries or cinnamon. I usually add coconut butter, vegan protein, VPPNingxia Red with rice or almond milk. To keep it yum, I vary the recipe daily a little.

  • Once the packed lunches are done and the kids are out of the. It’s ME TIME, I mean consciously me time. I either listen to my favourite podcasts (Goop, Accidental Creative are two I listen to regularly) while I shower or I read through the pile of articles I keep for ‘when the time is right’.

  • Exercise has become part of my routine too. Id like to you if I said I do fitness on daily basis but really if I don’t feel too enthusiastic, I count a walk to the coffee shop and back as exercise. I love warm weather and during summer I can exercise more frequently. Winter just doesn’t work so well for me. So my exercise is either stretching with an app (Asana Rebel or Sweat) , going to my yoga class or doing fitness at the gym with my trainer who probably knows my better than my Mum by now.

My morning rituals have become sacred. Rituals keeps us from having to reinvent us each day what is important to us. It gives space to be creative and productive in the other parts of the day and life. Like a lot of Mums, if I don’t feel good, the whole household doesn’t run well. I try to give myself these pockets of moments in the day to do things just for me (#metime vs #momtime).

My advice is to give yourself the best chance to a successful day ahead which includes your happiness above all!

xx Abi