Look Ageless & Stay Healthy by August Hergesheimer

Look young at any age. Although it is controversial to talk anti-ageing these days, we are fully into the term ‘ageless’. How about you met the person who can tell you exactly how to keep your cells look young, while you age wisely?

We have someone here right now we can question, because he looks young, healthy, he feels fit and knows how to do it.

Father of five children, Japanese American, jet-setter, Tokyo and New Zealand based. I’m honored to share with you my recent heart-to-heart with August Hergesheimer, a reputable nutritionist , who passionately brought his vision on healthy eating to life. Founder of Abios, August created the ultimate organic green drink called Vege Power Plus, as well as imported the first potent Acai products to Japan, author of 11 books on anti-aging and nutrition, and frequent lecturer on “how to eat well, stay healthy and look young” What’s not to like?

What we eat far outweighs and influences our health and even our appearance.
— August Hergescheimer

We asked a few questions for you to August about his take on the industry and his lifestyle. 

What about the nutritional Industry still tugs at your heartstrings today?

Human nutrition is a never-ending and always beneficial field of learning. Well, at least it should be for anyone and everyone. After all, it is factual that we are what we eat. Since the human body sheds dead cells and replaces those with new cells everyday, it is obviously critically important that our new cells have the necessary nutrients to be as strong and energetic as possible. Matter of fact, every human body produces more than 3 billion new cells each day! The better the quality of these 3 billion cells daily, the better the quality of your health and appearance. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

(August Hergescheimer is the proud author of 11 books available on his website Abios / At a workshop Workshop at Aqua Sports & Spa )

What sparked the birth of Abios?

Irritation and frustration. I used to take many health supplements. Vitamin C, B Complex, E, Multi-mineral, etc. But one day back in 1999 when I carefully checked each products ingredients label, I realized that there are many unnecessary, perhaps even harmful, ingredients in these health products. It just didn’t make sense to me. Although we can’t always be perfect when choosing and eating food, I felt that health products must be uncontaminated. After all, how can the human body become healthier by eating more unnecessary chemicals and additives? So when I was unable to find anything that was totally clean and free of chemical additives, pesticides, herbicides and other common contaminants, I set out to make my own product.  That was back in 2002 and the beginning of what is now VegePowerPlus.

After using this product exclusively for myself and my family, I created Abios to hopefully help others improve their well-being and awareness of the problems of contaminated health and skincare products.

What was your biggest struggle in bringing Abios to life and how did you overcome it?

Actually, “bringing Abios to life” was not problematic; rather, keeping it alive has been very challenging.  Japanese consumers lacked awareness of the potential dangers of using so many contaminated products normally sold here so my sales were extremely small for the first five years. 

I continued to put all of my life savings into keeping Abios alive and towards the development of new products.  It has only been in the past few years that Abios has become even slightly profitable.  And, just in time since my savings are all gone! 

How do you recharge from modern day burnout?

Fortunately, I don’t suffer from burnout since I feel as if I am doing exactly what I am meant to do with my life.  The work with Abios has definitely given me a purpose in life in addition to being a father to my five children.

August back home in New Zealand tending to his garden.

August back home in New Zealand tending to his garden.

What is one purposeful pleasure you pamper yourself with?

Regular exercise; I try to get to the gym pretty much every day for my regular 45min workout.  I also take the month of January off to spend back home in Auckland, NZ, since that is our summer there.

What advice would you give to a change maker aspiring to turn his/her nutrition into a healthy one ? 

“Face reality.”  It never helps us to be dishonest with ourselves.  Telling yourself that sweets, doughnuts, french fries, fried foods are OK is basically lying to yourself. 

What gives you the greatest sense of hope for our world right now?

My five children.  I got super lucky with them.  Each one is amazing in their own right.  Most importantly, they are all very compassionate human beings. 

What places in Tokyo can you recommend for a good meal, align with your health routine?

Unfortunately, there is yet a single restaurant or cafe that I can say is 100% in line with my core beliefs.  However, there are plenty of places to eat that you can eat very healthily and well by choosing from the menu items correctly.  Some of my favourite restaurants in Tokyo for excellent and yet healthy cuisine are:

Cogito, La Brianza, Cento Dieci, Ruby Jacks, Two Rooms, & Eggcellent (for breakfast) and Apero.

We are what we eat and how we treat our body. Can you let us in to your secrets of your bathroom routine? What products never go out of stock on your bathroom shelf? 

What we eat far outweighs and influences our health and even our appearance.  After all, even skin cells are made from the nutrients we eat.  But, there is definitely a benefit in using cleaner, all-natural skincare products. 

Extremely important to not wash with soap since soap (regardless of hard or liquid) will damage elastin, the protein that gives our skin youthful firmness.  So I created a coconut oil and sugar body scrub which I use to wash all over. 

For my face, I wash with a cream or oil cleanser.  As for moisturizer, I use my Face Care Oil; it is actually the only product in the world that has ingredients scientifically proven by both L’Oreal and Johnson&Johnson to protect elastin.

Fantastic. August is living proof of what he preaches. I personally take my VPP drink daily and haven’t felt tired like I did before in a long time.

xx Abi