When Gardening combines Style and Sustainability

It’s extraordinary to discover people who go out of their way to reinvent products we use that help safe the planet. One of them is this Canadian based company called Rootpouch.

Rootpouches are planters that are made out of recycled pet bottles, destined to landfills.

I discovered this company when searching for alternatives to classic planters for my rooftop garden in Tokyo. The minimalist Rootpouches caught my eyes. They look stylish, minimalist and when I read about them being sustainable I was just amazed.

The good points are that they are:

  • stylish

  • light weight

  • foldable (so ordering a few doesnt require high shipping rates)

  • washable (not that I need that)

  • sustainable (made out of recycled PET bottles)

  • biodegradable (amazing!)

  • they are better for the plants 

  • very affordable.

rootpouch collection.jpg

 Why are they better for the plants?

The plants can grow without stress of getting overheated, too much water stagnating  in the pots. Just like in the ground, the water can drain, the roots have space, and unlike in conventional planters, the material lets air and nutrients pass through freely without releasing toxins into the soil.

See the difference root growth in this video:

They are my new go to for every foliage making its way onto my rooftop, windowsill or balcony. I like things to look nice too, and I like to support innovative entrepreneurs. They are a winner!

Special deal for Abi’s Journal friends

You can shop your stylish eco Root Pouches from Walnut Japan, send them an email to get the catalogue and mention #loverootpouch to get a free red planter for your order.

The gift is a #2 planter which is a small 8l pouch with handles. Excellent for summer herbs! (offer valid until May 31 2018).

Who plants seeds, believes in the future.

What’s more is that you can customize your Root Pouch with a kind message or a reminder of what you are growing.

I hope you will enjoy this experience as much as I do. I truly believe that supporting game changers like this one, will have an impact, one change at a time, we make the future greener, our greens fresher.

xx Abi