Elana Jade Organics Spa Tokyo

When it comes to beauty, I like to leave it to professionals. Elana Gilbert is one of the first people to open an organic beauty salon in Tokyo, Elana Jade. She knows what she is talking about.

What better place to brush up our looks and get spoilt than in an organic beauty salon run by a conscious, active, lady entrepreneur, Mother of two gorgeous boys, game changer? An irreplaceable gift to all beauty and wellbeing seekers of this gigantic metropole.

I’m thrilled to share with you my recent chat with Elana, Australian born and raised living in Tokyo, on her passion for beauty, lessons learnt, the necessity of using organics, favourite places in Tokyo.

Elana Gilbert

Elana Gilbert

So Elana, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What sparked your passion for beauty?

After completing my diploma in fitness, I discovered my interest in anatomy and physiology. I decided to expand my knowledge by enrolling in a beauty therapy course and loved it! I found out quickly just how much I love not only how the skin functions, but the practical side to beauty as well. Even now, I feel like doing beauty treatments in the salon is a way for me to relax and take some time out of my busy life!

What were the biggest hurdles to overcome, to realize your dream of having your own salon?

The language was a major obstacle. Fortunately I teamed up with my brother Nathan, who had already set up Tokyo Fitness (Club 360) here and can speak Japanese. More importantly, he had contacts that specialize in foreign company start-ups and realtors.

The second major obstacle as a new and foreign-owned company was obtaining a building lease. Many Japanese landlords are very strict in who they lease to. We overcame this by shopping around until we found a landlord who was willing to give us a go. Having properly set up a joint-stock company with paid-in capital helped.

How is Australian beauty different to Japanese? How do you find the equilibrium between these two cultures?

I find that the biggest difference between the Australian and Japanese beauty is the understanding of the power of organics. Historically, chemicals and machines have dominated the Japanese beauty culture, but we have seen an increase in organic products in Japan, which I think is fantastic.

We send out a newsletter in both English and Japanese every month with a blog with the intention of educating clients on how to look after their skin through organic skincare, nutrition and exercise. I have also started creating short videos on why and how to use products in your skin care routine.

Why is it important to use organic products?

Our skin actually absorbs anything we apply to it, which means chemicals in non-organic beauty products can get into your bloodstream and possibly cause disease. Pharmaceutical beauty products have ingredients that are synthetic in nature, which can include any number of different chemicals and ingredients that are not natural to the body, such as Phthalates and paraben. Phthalates have been found to cause reproductive issues and are known carcinogens, which means that they may cause cancer, while paraben has been found to cause reproductive issues in tests done with rats.

When you use organic products packed with nutrients derived straight from Mother Nature, it means our skin can recognize and readily use these nutrients to improve health and vitality. Using organic beauty products not only keeps your skin clear, clean, and beautiful on the outside it has a positive effect on the body’s internal homeostasis.

I believe that eating organic/natural foods and exercising regularly can all contribute to a healthy mind, body and soul.

Your morning routine consists of:

Cleansing, toning, moisturising and applying a sunscreen! I usually have my son by my side and so he always does the last two steps with me.

Your favourite self treatment bliss is?

I love having a bath and giving myself a full body scrub and face mask whilst having a glass of red!

Beauty comes from using good quality products and from within. Any tips to incorporate into everyday life?

I believe that eating organic/natural foods and exercising regularly can all contribute to a healthy mind, body and soul.

Since we are what we eat, beauty also comes from within. Can you share your favourite health conscious places in Tokyo with us?

I love Mr. Farmer restaurant (I usually go to Roppongi Hills location as it is close to the salon) as not only do they serve great organic food, they have decent size portions, and have amazing juices and smoothies. I also enjoy going to Crayon House in Omotesando for lunch with my son as the buffet has a good selection that both of us can enjoy and the relaxed atmosphere is great for kids.

For more information, visit Elana Jade website.