Dry Brushing for Beauty & Care

I recently read up on techniques on how to get rid of cellulite (yes unfortunately), and dry brushing was high up the list. The benefits are way beyond I imagined. What fascinates me is that it combines beauty and healthcare.

Have you ever tried to dry brush? I always thought it was some kind of self torture thing that scratches the skin, leaves red marks for hours and really, made no sense to me.

The organ that we are mainly stimulating through dry body brushing is the skin. Not only is it our largest organ, but it is the organ that we have most exposure to. 

The skin works as a barrier to our organs but what happens is that many us have lymphatic stagnation. Lymphatic stagnation is the immune system part of our body, so we can also stimulate and detoxify through the skin the lymph, while we’re also providing benefits to the skin.

Dry brushing is the ultimate self care, providing more than you think it does:

  • It exfoliates off dead skin

  • It increases blood circulation

  • It reduces cellulite (YES)

  • Dry brushing cleans pores & makes skin glow

  • Its an excellent lymphatic drainage system

  • Increases energy, strengthens body and immune system

  • And it improves digestion

So easy to use, for a few minutes each day, with quick results.

People are feeling a pull to slow down more and more these days. I believe we can achieve this by simply taking ten, twenty minutes each day to focus on our own self-care. This is a start and it will absolutely bring pause into our daily lives. 
— Bec Jakstas
dry brushing for beauty and care

Make dry brushing part of your five minutes morning ritual.

Use firm small strokes upwards.

  1. Start sweeping the soles of your feet.

  2. Move to your legs, brushing towards your groin where the lymph notes are located.

  3. From your hands, move towards your armpits to release the toxins and stagnated energy in the lymph nodes moving.

  4. From the neck stroke down towards your heart.

  5. On your stomach, use circular clockwise strokes that help stimulate elimination.

  6. Don’t forget your ass. Stroke upwards towards your lower back.